Sunday, May 1, 2022

Belson 2

By Bruce Clifford

Belson, do you still have that fight
Belson, do you still have that spunk
After we were done I joined a rock n roll band
For the next ten years I was broken and drunk

Where were you when I couldn't keep my head straight
Where was I when your world was falling apart
What’s happening now as we stumble in the dark
Life’s been so very hard

But do you still smile like you used to smile with me
Do you still laugh and live out your fantasies
And if you still smile like you did back in the day
Then I would know you are in a happy place
But did life turn out this way

I can’t imagine all the good and bad
Your days of happiness and the moments when you were sad
Now we both have children that are grown
Families we raised
But you never got back on the phone

Belson, do you still have amazing dreams
Belson, there was something in you I’ve always believed
After all was said and done I had to figure out my own way
This doesn’t mean those memories ever escaped

©2/21/2022 Bruce Clifford

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