Sunday, May 1, 2022

Woo Woo

By Pauline Evanosky

When Did Life Get So Interesting?

These columns are written to illustrate what life in the Woo-Woo Lane is like. I say Woo-Woo because it can sometimes be odd to an outsider looking in and is different for every person calling themselves psychic. From my standpoint? It is perfectly normal. At least, it is now.

It is difficult sometimes to know just how your life is different now than it was before because changes generally seem to take place gradually. One moment you are one way and then in the next moment you are another, but you never seem to realize the exact moment things changed. There was such a subtle change where time passed so slowly that I never realized when it was that I got comfortable speaking to boys. And, sometimes becoming psychic is like that. You are not and then you are.

The journey I took to become a channel seems to have happened gradually, taken a very long time, and yet, there was that one moment, emblazoned in my heart when I could see a before and an after.

I first broke through to that other side using a Ouija Board. I had some preconceived notions about it. I first experienced it as a young girl at a slumber party. I suppose I was 10 or 11 years old at the time. I can remember girls shrieking and giggling and asking each other if somebody moved the planchette.

The next time was with my husband during the time I was trying to learn how to channel and I had talked him into using the Ouija board with me. I was ecstatic when the planchette began moving around. I asked, “Are you my guide?”. No. It was Dennis’ guide. I didn’t care. Some concrete action on the board was enough for me even if it was not my guide. Eventually, though, Dennis did not want to use the board with me anymore. He said his guide Nathan felt it was not appropriate anymore. I was bereft because the board would not work for me if I used it by myself.

Six months or so went by until it finally worked for me and I met my guide Seth. In that one moment life changed dramatically for me.

I was Pauline before I began to channel and I was surprised to be the same Pauline afterward.

It is normal now for me to talk to Walter Cronkite, Charles Dickens, or my great-grandmother and ask them how they are doing. I make polite conversation with those who have passed on. And even though I know they are fine I still ask. For me it sort of bridges a smoother way into a more in-depth discussion of whatever we end up talking about. It is the same when you meet a person for the first time. You make polite conversation, find a common ground, and get to know one another.

I also doubt whether Spirit needs that gradual segue into a conversation, but it makes it more comfortable for me and they haven’t said anything about it.

The people I meet from the other side have always been nice. Nobody, as far as I remember, has ever complained about anything. Sometimes they joke around. Overall? They are content. There is no yearning for anybody left living to know any single thing even though the people left living generally do want to know where items are that have been lost or hidden. One of the most asked questions centers on if the departed knows the person left living misses and loves them? Yes, they know that.

Although they can no longer be with you in a physical sense they can be with you in a spiritual sense. Think of them and they are beside your side.

I asked my mother after she had passed how she could be with each of her five grown children simultaneously. She told me simply that she could. It was a concept I had to think about for a little bit. Sometimes I get a sense of her rubbing my shoulders. It is so strong that I find I can’t quite blink away the tears fast enough.

I have about the same luck finding things I’ve lost myself when I ask for help from Spirit.

Spirit will never interfere with your life lessons.

Those life lessons are varied for everyone. But, generally, finding things like lost keys is not going to do anything to upset the balance between Heaven and Earth.

An interesting plot point in stories is to show how people can live through the most horrible circumstances and incredibly survive only to be hit by a bus or something three days later.

You could say death will not be cheated. Maybe. The way I look at it is when your time is up it is up. This was a hard lesson for me to look at.

This is where charms and spells can make a lot of money. A charm to keep you safe. A charm to shield you from evil. Things like that. Turn around three times, hop in place for a while, and say a prayer. Did it work? I’m still here. It must have worked. If you have not noticed I do not endorse spells or charms. However, if they float your boat by all means go ahead and do it. I’m just saying you don’t need them.

Here is something I remember from childhood that headed right into adulthood with me. It was, “Don’t speak ill of the dead”. Why? Because it was disrespectful. Okay, but I was still angry with so and so. It is okay to be angry. You can ask your husband who lived with you for 40 years why he passed on and left you with so many troubles. Now, you have to move. Now, there is no money. Now, you are homeless, and if he had only left a life insurance policy for you….. You can be angry. Do you know why? Because you are grieving and that is what you are feeling. Perhaps, having vented your anger you might eventually begin to get over it and once again love the man who when he died disrupted your life so. That’s okay too. And, if you were to go to your grave being angry? That’s okay too.

It's all different, they’ve told me, once you pass on.

It’s like waking up from a nap.

That was the transition I made from not talking to Spirit to talking to Spirit. It was like waking up from a nap.

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