Monday, August 1, 2022



By Bud Lemire

People can be nasty, they can be so mean
They can be so rude, and totally obscene
There are great people, who are very kind
Some are just like you, with a similar mind

Some share all the love, that they can
Others are confused, in their entire life span
There are those, that look good to the eye
Some are aggressive, some are too shy

So many people, in this world today
Some know, just the right words to say
All different shapes, and every size
Some are misunderstood, others so wise

Some see things, that no one else can see
Others know the secrets, of the universal key
They unlock and explore every road
These people, have been bestowed

People all over the world, everywhere
All unique, in what they have to share
It's amazing, at the many people here
Special in their own way, each so very dear

©July 22, 2022 Bud Lemire

                           Author Note:

Why some people have to be so rude, I'll never
understand. Some can be downright nasty. There's
no reason for it. There are those who are so giving.
They give with all their heart and soul. Some are
just plain amazing in their personality. I also value
those who have their own unique beauty and way of
doing things that are amazing. There are those who
know things that hardly anyone else does. Meeting all
these people is an amazing experience.


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