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United States of America July 4, 2022 17/8 Personal Year

By Michael John Fierro

      “America where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughters? Don't you know we need you now We can't fight alone against the monster” 'America' – John Kay (Steppenwolf)

      July 4, 2022 marks the entry of the United States into its 17/8 Personal Year. What that means is that as a country we are entering into the 8th year of our current 9-Year Cycle. A Cycle that began on July 4, 2015. Personal Years are part of a continuum of an endless loop of nine-year cycles that make up the lifetime of an individual or, in this instance, a country. These nine-year cycles are a constant opportunity to grow in one's life, and the vibration of each succeeding year creates the energy to improve and correct as you proceed.

      My favorite analogy for a nine-year cycle is to think of it as a garden. The first year is the time in which you decide to “plan and plant a garden”. You pick the spot to cultivate, decide what it is you wish to grow, purchase or obtain the appropriate tools to implement your plan, and then you plant. If this garden is tended appropriately in each succeeding week, you will reap what you have sown when harvest time arrives. And so it is with these numerological cycles. In your first year, you should “plan and plant your garden” by making a plan with a definite set of goals and, if you follow the appropriate steps and adhere to your plan, you should reap what you have sown in your eighth and ninth years. A personal year extends from birthday to birthday of each year and does not track the calendar year as we know it. Each year operates under the vibration of a number from 1 to 9 (there may be an occasional 11 or 22 personal year or a much rarer 33 or 44).

      So, here we are, reaping what was sown in 2015. Sadly, what was sown wasn't exactly something that enhanced the dynamic of the nation we call home. And, as is being shown, seemingly every day, there are fundamental changes taking place that are a direct result of the choices that were made and, the groundwork that was put down in that fateful year. Much began with the announcement that Donald Trump was running for president, a decision that culminated with him being elected in 2016. The embrace of him by a large number of voting Americans signaled something that has played out ever since. A move away from the norms of decency, respect, honor, dignity, and honesty, to name a few. A move away from trust in our government and our media. A move away from a free and representative democratic republic towards something more authoritarian in nature and sadly, it appears we are also moving towards something that more resembles 'Gilead' from 'The Handmaid's Tale' than it does the country that has existed for the past 246 years.

      So, how did we get here? In 2015, the United States entered its 19/1 Personal Year. The beginning of a new, 9-Year Cycle and an opportunity to begin a new phase in the life of the country. It was during this year that we had an opportunity to adjust the path we were on and move forward with new purpose and a sense of the 'oneness' of the world in which we live. In Numerology, when reading double numbers, the number should be read as the second digit (9) working through the first digit (1). The 19/1 is a Karmic Number that holds the promise of liberation and prosperity yet, the actions must include not only those of the individual (1) but must also, by its nature, include the all (9). It cautions against impulsive actions while preparing all future plans carefully. Actions taken that did not encompass the greater good for everyone were bound to create problems.

      In 2016, which was a 9 Universal Year, the United States entered into its 20/2 Personal Year. This number indicates a period of time when one will be faced with many decisions as it is a time of turning points, increased awareness, adaptability, and reconstruction. It was certainly a year during which we should have paid attention to all the alternatives and, the pros and cons in all that we did. It called for us to accurately assess, weigh and measure any and all situations presented during the course of the year. Properly and intelligently doing so would have presented us with the opportunities to formulate and implement plans that should have been put into place the previous year. Referencing the way to read a double-digit number in the previous paragraph, this was a year during which the 0 (in my work, 0 represents the Universe, God-force, or whatever other term one uses to describe the over-arching energy/vibration that exists in and around us all. It shows that the period of time in question is a transitional period related to the first digit). Thus, 2016 was a transitional year in the realm of relationships, opposites, duality, and the understanding and acceptance of opposing points of view when coming to and making decisions that would and should benefit the greater good. It should have been a period of growth during which the realizations of the future had begun to germinate and take hold. From this author's perspective, it appears as though the opposite happened. The 9 energy of the Universal Year should have been used to rid ourselves of those ideas, concepts, dogmas, and more that no longer served us for our greater good and higher purpose. Instead, we took a major step backward. Something that must always be considered during any 9 Year is that it is a period of time during which one should look to get rid of the negatives in one's life. Failure to do so means bringing those very things with us into the next Cycle and doing so guarantees that those things and conditions will only exacerbate and worsen moving forward.

      And now, here we are as a nation entering the 8th year of our current 9-Year Cycle. A time when we will truly begin to reap what was sown in 2015. If recent events in the political and judicial landscape are any indication, it would appear that we have gotten what we deserved by not taking a more inclusive and compassionate path. What we are experiencing is a degradation and diminution of our rights as well as a further fracturing of our society and our government. All brought about through an embrace of archaic and outmoded ideas and concepts that were not, and are not, aligned with the core values of this nation, as well as an embrace of hyperbolic conspiracies and lies. All conditions that are guaranteed to drive us further apart with a strong possibility of conflicts that are both verbal, ideological, and most frightening, violent. In Numerology, 8 strongly represents Karma and reaping what has been sown. Laid on its side, 8 also represents Infinity and the Law of Return. We cannot be surprised during this year when the groundwork that has been laid continues to produce more problems. More fracturing. More dissension. And, a further distancing from what this country was, and is, meant to be. 


With all of this being said, there still exist opportunities for great accomplishments and advancements throughout the year. The country should tap into the opportunities that come about that can manifest themselves as desires to better our overall financial condition and, by extension, the lives of each and every one of us. There will be present ongoing possibilities for growth and improvement and, perhaps, great progress. There will be tests during the year and we must remember that any strain they produce will be mitigated and alleviated through strength, organization, and efficiency. An 8 Year is a year of increased activity, expansion, planning, thinking, and acting upon the plans that we put forth. Big things can happen and if we do our due diligence and the work required, there is great promise for prosperity and success. Collectively the nation must remember that, while money is important (especially if there is equity in its distribution), it must not be the ruling force in all that is done. Any abuse of power by anyone will not bode well for those exercising that power or, for the people who will be directly affected by it. The 17/8 shows that this should be a period of good fortune, rewards, and assistance whenever and wherever it is needed and necessary. And, while the year still holds such promise, in this author's estimation, I am unsure whether or not such things will be feasible considering the current climate, division, and partisanship that is tearing us apart.

      During the entirety of this year, our nation must begin to give thought to what we have learned, what we must work to rid ourselves of, and begin to contemplate what it is we wish to accomplish and be when our next national 9-year cycle begins in 2024 (coincidentally, the next presidential election year).

      One more aspect of Numerology to consider during this year is the number on the Table of Events/Essence portion of a chart. This number represents the experiences that take place during the course of one's life. These are the highlights, turning points, and the “why” of things that happen. Just as it is with one's birth certificate name, these are the opportunities that were chosen when the country was formed and named. For the United States this year, that number is a 22/4. The 22/4 shows us that spiritual forces are present and that it is important, even imperative, that ideas and actions associated with motivation by such forces are incorporated into our way of thinking and doing. The double-2s show that we must always consider both sides of any situation as we look for solutions and compromises to any problem or issue that appears. We must guard against any one side becoming too dominant or forceful as we look to solve our problems. A domineering attitude from any side will most certainly lead to quarrels and disagreements and that will lead to increased sorrow and loss. This is a year when it would behoove us to create a better sense of our own self-realization. We must not run away from, or avoid discord or uncomfortable situations because by standing in these situations and finding points of commonality and compromise, we will grow. The vibration here points to a place of better understanding of not only our particular stance on something but also a better understanding of the opposing point of view. Harmony must be learned and embraced.

      Can we correct things? Yes, as long as we make a collective effort to resolve our problems and rise up against the negative forces that seem to be overtaking us. We must respect and honor the concepts put forth in the Declaration of Independence (in many ways, the 'birth certificate' of the United States) of 'Life. Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness'. Promises that were meant to apply to everyone. No matter our gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religious beliefs, or any other condition that some would seek to restrict or eliminate. It is time that we work towards once again being the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Failure to do so, in my opinion, could lead to the break-up of our nation into a European-style continent made up of different countries in different geographic regions.

      Do what you can to be a part of the solution. The alternatives are too horrible to contemplate. Live with love, compassion, tolerance, respect, and humanitarianism. And then, pass it on. Always remember that we all “reap what we sow”. No matter who, or what we are.

      Blessings of Love & Light Michael John Fierro

Michael John Fierro has been working with Numerology since 1984. He has worked with thousands of clients and lectured extensively around the country and on hundreds of radio broadcasts. He is the author of You Know Your Name...Look Up Your Numbers (an introduction to Numerology). He is well-known for the accuracy and depth of his readings in the many thousands of clients with which he has worked. While originally from the Jersey Shore, he will be embarking on an extended, cross-country journey across America. If you wish for him to come to your town for a lecture, book- signing, class, or Numerology party, or, if you wish to book him as a guest on your radio show, contact him through his website:
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