Monday, August 1, 2022

The Journey

By Dayvid Clarkson

(The beautiful picture is one of Dayvid's artistic presentations,
and the poem itself is transcribed here for your enjoyment.)

God has given us a paradise.
Why do we constantly seek more?
This is not a random roll of dice.
This journey is meant to explore.

I have water to drink, food to eat.
I have clothes on my back.
I have an open door to greet.
I have no reason to lack.

At times it seems life is unfair.
We always make the next step.
Do you think Go doesn't care?
Lessons you cannot sidestep.

We kneel and fervently pray.
What are we trying to adjust?
As if this will change the day.
We claim an undying trust.

Questions still hang in the air.
Believe and trust in your journey.
The promise will always be fair.
The journey, as sweet as honey.

©circa 2010-2020 Dayvid Bruce Clarkson


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