Tuesday, August 1, 2023

What is Rich?


By Walt Perryman

I don’t know what I would want millions of dollars for,
But, if I had that much, I know that I would want more.

If I owned oil wells, ranches, and a great big Yacht,
If I were not happy, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot.

Now, if I have God, family, good friends, and health.
A place to sleep, food, I would have abundant wealth!

Happiness has nothing to do with a big bank account.
But a true heart is worth more than any dollar amount.

So, money and things won’t matter once you realize,
What matters this morning is you opened your eyes.

Remember folks, you can’t buy a true heart anyway!
So, thank God and be grateful for this beautiful day!

©Mar 13, 2023 Walt Perryman

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