Friday, March 1, 2024

The Dream Traveler


By Bud Lemire

I'm The Dream Traveler, I travel in and out of dreams
Where I go, nothing is exactly what it seems
The places where I go, Imagination of the mind
You just never know, what you're going to find

A distorted place, of the world that you know
Where your mind takes you, is where you're going to go
To a distant future, or a long-ago past
Only while you're asleep, they never really last

Friends and family, always have a role there
Even they seem different, so you need to be aware
You can be the Captain, on a ship out on the seas
Or at a kitchen table, eating a big bowl of peas

Maybe at a Class Reunion, one you've never been to
Where you meet a Classmate, that you never knew
You can be in a classroom at a desk, sleeping in a chair
The teacher is calling your name, but you're unaware

You can be living out a fantasy, for goodness sake
A dream can take you anywhere, when you're not awake
Maybe a star of a T.V. Show, that you watch every day
How did this ever happen, but it takes your breath away

How about a dream, that is so very real
You know it must be true, just by the feel
You could have a dream, of what's happening recently
Knowing things nobody told you, yet in the dream you could see
When you're The Dream Traveler, you can go anywhere
When you're sleeping, your mind can take you there

©Feb 21, 2024 Bud Lemire

                      Author Note:

I'm sure you have had many dreams, and some can be very
strange. Some may be unbelievable. Some may feel so real.
Some can have a loved one from the afterlife visiting.that
could very well be real, if it touches you deeply. The dream
can take you many places.

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