Friday, March 1, 2024

The Word On Senior Companions


By Bud Lemire

Senior Companions are well known, wherever they be
One of the best Volunteer Programs, you'll ever see
We're asking residents and In Home clients, what they are thinking
Rita smiles and says “They're great” and then she is winking

Those who have dementia, remember only at the time
Yet that moment comes again, their smile is a great sign
George says “I look forward to the people in Blue”
Sara was quick to say, “She's a friend I love talking to”

Jenna says, “We play cribbage, when he gets here”
“Crazy Eight,” says Pete, “Is a game I always cheer”
Molly smiles, “They truly are the best Companions to us”
Eleonor believes in her heart, they are people we can trust

Millie is glowing as she says “They're Angels! Angels in blue!”
Lucille says “Yes! There's so much they will do”
The residents have spoken, and you have heard
Senior Companions are special, that is the word

©Feb 1, 2024 Bud Lemire

                     Author Note:

Being a Senior Companion is very rewarding.
Just to see the smiles on their faces when you
enter the room where they are. So many of them
look forward to you being there, to play a certain
game with them, or just to visit. Your understanding
of the place they are in their life, makes it all worth


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