Friday, March 1, 2024

Editor's Corner

By Mary E. Adair

March 2024

“Peace begins with a smile.”
_Mother Teresa.

Your editor has been amazed by all the foods that can be changed into Green Treats as the cooks try to develop something new and spectacular to serve on St Patrick's Day. (The aforementioned poor saint would most likely be quite subdued to know of all the fuss and excitement made of his life and activities.)

I will continue to prefer my red meats red, and my rice or potatoes or pasta in the pale blond colors natural to them. Normally green commodities like broccoli or asparagus, green beans, etc., are enough of such emerald foodstuffs for me. Speaking of food, my Column ID pic is cropped for this issue from the photo at the bottom of the page taken by the waitress at Applebee's (one of my very favorite dining establishments) mid-February in Lubbock. My Firstborn Granddaughter Melinda Smith and I spent the day there, and since we don't have this chain of restaurants in our western Texas area, it was a real treat for me.

Walt Perryman's poems for March are mainly nostalgic featuring "Did You Or Not?," "How Many of You Loved Your Old Truck?" and "Ducks in A Row." John I. Blair's poems are "Cedar Waxwings" and "Comfortable With Myself", the latter with a photo to prove it. Bruce Clifford's two poems are "We Didn't Know" and "All These Years." Bud Lemire's poems "Family Game Time" and "The Word On Senior Companions" relate to his current busy life while "Like The Wind And The Sun" speak with his personal beliefs, but "The Dream Traveler" can intrigue many of us. "Times Past" is by Riva Joi Smith, one of our poets we haven't heard from for awhile. Good to see you are still wielding your pen, Ms Smith.

Thomas F. O'Neill in "Introspective" decries the rampant, though random, comments deriding American intelligence. Marilyn Carnell's column "Sifoddling Along" reveals that her new creative project is writing a novel, and shares a brief episode. It certainly captures this editor's attention and interest. Judith Kroll's column "On Trek" explains her charming concept of magic wands in a different manner. Pauline Evanosky's column "Woo Woo," shows us what happens in a psychic's life when someone unsought pops in to visit and have a chat. Our newest columnist Ara Parisien in "Medium-Author-Spiritual Teacher" discusses the realistic difference in a "Pollyanna" acceptance vs a knowledgeable power stance.

Rod Cohenour shows us a couple of photos from his kitchen while following a favorite recipe devised by his wife, he affectionately calls "M." "Cooking with Rod" includes the full recipe and serving suggestions which may be varied by the diners. "Armchair Genealogy" by columnist Melinda Cohenour updates us with the advances and new uses of exploring DNA processes. Dublin's Mattie Lennon likes having March roll around in the year because of all the activities that have been and continue to be held to honor St Patrick's Day. He was impressed with a new book on the scene "Under The Bridge."

This from last month bears repeating: Now with this new year of Pencil Stubs Online underway, we are again astounded that a simple suggestion 27 years ago by Mike Craner that we try doing our magazine on the World Wide Web, has bloommed so beautifully. Again, I am expressing my gratitude to my talented friend and original webmaster Mike Craner. We place our confidence in him as we have in the past and shall continue doing so.

See you in April.


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