Friday, March 1, 2024

Woo Woo

By Pauline Evanosky 


I think encouragement might be one of the more important things we can do for ourselves and for others. As a writer, there is the added chance that the others who might be affected are people you may never meet. Also, it’s just a good practice to be encouraging.

Now, whether you are able to help somebody get back into the game immediately, or if your voice is one of many to actually get a dismayed couch potato up off of the couch doesn’t matter. You helped.

Just don’t give up on them or yourself. I know in the early days of my being a psychic medium, I would get clients who were not able to listen. I could tell, because they would ask the same question over and over again until it became annoying. Maybe I just wasn’t doing it right.

As I moved through my menopause years, I began to think of myself as a psychic drill sergeant. “Did you not just see my lips move? Why aren’t you listening?” I didn’t really say things like that. I thought of them, though, often enough.

There’s a saying that people just don’t like to hear the truth. This is true whether they go to a psychic or their sister-in-law.

See, the thing is that the advice people give is generally based on their own experience. If you were to go into a bar and ask the guy who sits at the end of the bar day in and day out for advice about something, that advice would probably involve a bottle of beer, maybe more than one. Just remember that.

If you are asking a criminal's advice, there will likely be underhanded doings involved. Or, if you figure everybody has a legitimate point of view the world is your oyster as far as asking people for advice. Interestingly enough, I’ve come to think everybody, no matter what their views are, might have something of interest to suggest.

Like if you figure criminals take advantage of the smallest opportunity, they might teach you about being observant. I think we tend to pass up many opportunities in normal everyday affairs.

It’s like if you’ve got polarizing views of good or bad, you might not consider an accident actually to be good luck. I am an optimist at heart, and even for me, it took many years to be thankful for things like being fired. The woman ghosted me out of a job. I should have stepped forward long before the ghosting started to say, “I need to move on.” She found somebody better and stopped calling me to work.

In the woo-woo part of my life, my spirit guide said when I dropped an entire half gallon of milk on the kitchen floor that exploded everywhere, “Oh, happy accident.” That was the first time in a long time that the entire kitchen floor, cabinets included, got washed. Completely.

Charity begins at home. That means being kind to yourself. If you are attempting to do something that some people could do without blinking an eye, but you need to learn the 25 supporting actions that have to happen first, then allow yourself a couple of years to do it. Short of enrolling in a school, just learn it yourself. In this day of the internet, you can reach out via YouTube and find folks who have taught and documented their progress in renovating their homes, raising chickens, or cultivating mushrooms.

By the way, contact me if you’d like some pointers on how to develop your own psychic senses. It doesn’t take much because the way I figure it is that everybody is already psychic. You just have to pretend for a little bit. Then, pretend becomes reality.

Best of luck to you all. Be kind, encouraging, reflective, and you will be fine.

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