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Angel Whispers

You can ignore an Angel's whisper, for so long. . .

By Peg Jones

I spent the first 48 years of my life thinking I had nothing to write. I had no interest in writing my thoughts down on paper or sharing them with anyone for that matter. I really believed I had no understanding of what it means to write from the heart and to share this with others. I have always had problems with the formatting of writing - meaning the grammar and punctuation and thinking that I cannot write. I did a lot of writing in my jobs, but it was information pertaining to my teaching jobs. However, to sit down and to actually express myself creatively, that was out of the question. I truly believed I had no talent to do any type of creative work.

From the summer of 2003 until about 2004, I had taken a few creative writing courses and found I enjoyed doing this. I took some face-to-face classes and really enjoyed learning the Amherst way of writing. I was starting to feel very confident about many different things in my life and found I wanted to write about them.

Friends of mine would say, "You know you should really consider writing a book."

“Yes I plan to write someday, just not sure what I am going to write about.” I would hem and I would haw about what I needed to write about... I forgot that I could ask for help from my angels, and I would conclude I could not write. Well time continued to pass me by and there was not even a start of a book....YET

I would hear from time to time in small whispers, “You need to write your book” …

I would yell back out of total frustration "I have no book to write about”…and end the conversation.

In the fall of 2009 my friends were speaking to me about the book and I would just say, ”I have no idea what or how I am going to write this book.” As if I was the only who would write the book I need to write. In November of 2009, someone who had just met me but was very tuned in with spirit, with her angels, and my angels too, said to me, “So Peg how is the book coming along?"

I was dumbfounded but a great many questions were answered for me during that conversation... I remember I heard 'do an outline of your book, TONIGHT.' Then I heard, ”You are going to write about your life with the angels and how everyone can hear their messages. This is going to be a book of your writings of blogs, prayers, poems and meditations. Being ordinary is no longer your path."

That night within an hour, I had the outline written and started on the preface and the first chapter. In this article, I thought I would tell you about the book and about this journey of getting to know our angels. In the first chapter I speak of my first memories of angels, begining like this...

“ I have known about the angels ever since I was a young child of six or seven years old. I remember my mother reading stories out of the Treasure Chest Magazine about our angels. She read stories about our guardian angels and stories about the angels that were not good or true angels. I loved hearing stories about our Guardian angels. I remember going to bed at night knowing that my guardian angel was with me always. I loved knowing I had my very own Guardian angel. I remember speaking to them as if they were friends and I felt that I saw them around me..."

Yes, I knew about the angels and how special they were from a very young age. Something changed though. I forgot about the angels after the age of 8 or 9 years old. I also didn’t believe they were real, yet I do remember some stories about my angels and the help I was given from them.

I also reflect on some angel stories while I was very young to stories as an adult in that chapter. Here is an angel story when I was very young…

“In thinking back on all of this, I realized that the angels were still with me and that they had been protecting me in many instances throughout my life. I did not think I could ask them for anything. I remember around this time I was watching "Touched by the Angels" TV show. I loved watching the show, seeing how loving these angels were to everyone they met. I remember at 7 years old, there was a blizzard outside and school was closed early that day. I was supposed to take the bus home, but I could not find my bus. I decided I had to walk home that day. Therefore, off I trekked through the snow, a mile of walking in a blizzard, on a very cold day. I had to cross a main road that was quite busy. I crossed it without a hitch. As I was walking down the long neighborhood street, on that very snowy cold day, I was feeling very much at peace. I did not really have a care in the world. I loved the walk home and never thought for a moment that anyone would be worried about me.

When I finally got home, my mother greeted me calmly, but I could tell she was frantic about my whereabouts. I told her I missed the bus and walked home because I knew the way home from school. She said, “But you are a young child and it was very dangerous being out in the storm.” I was totally oblivious to the danger of the walk home… I truly felt that I had friends with me. I remember talking aloud, as I was walking home on that cold stormy day. In looking back, I feel the angels kept me calm and they kept me safe that day. How wonderful is that?”

Another story I speak of was when I was a young adult and living on my own after living with eight brothers and sisters and my parents…

"I remember when I had left home after living with 11 people all my 22 years I found it hard to be living alone. Then I realized that I had never had the chance to be alone. I found this to be very difficult to handle, the fact that I was living alone and feeling very much alone. Suddenly I felt a presence with me. I felt it was my Guardian angel, now that I think about it. Somehow, I felt comforted, and I felt that I was not as alone as I thought I was. I now feel that she was there to introduce herself to me once again. Although, now I say my Guardian Angel came to me, at that time I felt it was God comforting me. Because of this close encounter, I have never had a hard time being along ever again. In fact, I relished the times I had alone time and have ever since felt that way. I was no longer afraid."

When I started the book in November of 2009, I spent my weekends writing the book and totally immersed in what I was doing. I would ask my angels for direction and I received what I needed to receive. This book has been a blessing because it has helped me to become fully focused on this project and totally trusting the angels in what they had in store for me while writing this book. I have loved every minute of this project.

In this book I do just what the angels had asked me to do and I am quite excited about this…It’s very easy to say woulda coulda shoulda asked the angels for help. Life is an eternal place of learning and sometimes it takes a lot of hands on experience to finally get the message…Just ask for help from your angels.

My book is about an ordinary woman who found her true self through the messages and love of her angels. My book will give you help in learning to hear your angel's messages and understanding it can be done anytime. You probably have heard messages from your angels and not realized this.

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