Saturday, October 2, 2010

Angel Whispers

It’s one-day before publication and my angels have not revealed to me what they want me to write for this month’s Pencilstubs ezine. Therefore, as I am writing this I am asking my angels what they would like me to write about. Nothing like being late for a publication.

Finding Our Heart Place

I have been hearing the word heart, or heart place or even heart space.

We all have a heart that is working in keeping us alive each moment we are on earth. There is also the abstract heart place, where everything is positive and we feel much love. We all have this heart place too. Now not everyone acknowledges this place because some choose not to accept this place.

Let me tell you about this heart place. It is a place where we can go to at anytime that is deep within the core of our being and we can feel many different emotions. This is where peace, clarity, serenity, calmness, pure intention, and love are. In the heart place, you come to when you are in need of some comfort. This is a place where you go when you are in meditation or doing yoga. It is a place where clarity is clearly a reality. It is a place where the angels guide us through their messages and where we are at one with the universe.

Sometimes it takes a while to find our heart place. This is because we may feel anger, resentment, loathing, jealousy or hatred. It may also be hard to find this place because we are heavy into addictive substances, which numb our true selves. However, we can ask for help from others who want to help us to heal and from the universe where the angels and our higher power are.

There is such a relief to have found this heart place once we realize there is such a place that exists. When we find this place, we feel love and feel loved. We feel the bright light shining deep in our heart place. It is as if the light switch of love has been turned on and we once again feel alive again. How great is that?

The heart place is where our true authentic selves are. The heart place is found when a wakeup call has occurred or when positive changes want to be made. When healing has occurred then we find our heart place. At first, it seems quite impossible to know that place exists, but our heart opens up and we feel the love and the brightness of the heart place. A place we do not want to leave.

Trust and know that this place exists… you will feel the strength and the power of the heart place. We should ask our angels or our higher power for help in finding the heart place. They will speak softly to us and you will hear their message. It will be a new day for you and will be in a good place, as you shine bright light to all you meet. 

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