Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meant To Be

Wish I could hold you
Wish you would care
The walls of defenses
The way you brush your hair

Wish I could sing our song
Wish you could believe in it
The dreams I'm dreaming
Are the moments when I've seen it

I don't know what brought me to here
The only chance I have to escape is to end this all, I fear
It's not like I've tried to feel the way I do
I can only think of one way out since I'm so madly in love with you

I never meant to push you aside
All I ever want to do is end this pain that I always feel inside

Wish you could have seen what I have seen
Wish I could show you the way things were always meant to be
The dreams I'm dreaming
And the moments that were meant to be

Wish I could hold you
Wish you would care

©9/5/10 Bruce Clifford

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