Saturday, October 2, 2010

Editor's Corner

October 2010

If you find it in your heart
to care for somebody else,
you will have succeeded.

--Maya Angelou

Still summer here in Texas, but the Fall brings a lot of yearning into focus. Sometimes it is for a change of scene, or a different lifestyle, or that combination in longing for times gone by. Our authors have been bitten by that bug and their various compositions reflect their attempt to put such feelings into words and share them with you.

June Hogue's article is a loving tribute to "Royce" her husband. June wrote me saying, "my husband, Royce, is in a nursing home and has been for going on 3 years. I have rarely missed a day visiting with him and cannot imagine life without him. Yet I know that all good things must end, even our journey together on this earth. Over the years I have wanted to show him how much I have appreciated him and finally, after he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and his memory was beginning to fail, I suddenly felt I had to do something to show him how much I appreciated him while he could still understand things. The attached document tells the story. Royce was an only child and never had siblings to appreciate him. He grew up on a lonely farm and knew nothing but work…no outside school activities like we had, yet he was one of the kindest, most caring and finest gentlemen I ever met. Our two sons have aspired to be like him and that in itself is a wonderful tribute."

Helmer's article updates fans to the Fall Concerts scheduled in Texas. LC Van Savage tips her hat in her column "Consider This."

Helmer is Grilling Mushrooms in "Cookin' With Leo." Peg Jones' "Angel Whispers" discusses the Heart Place. Gerard Meister solves a packaging dilemma with suggestions from son and daughter in his column "Thinking Out Loud."

John I. Blair in "Always Looking" brings up the intriguing founding and history of Liberal, Missouri. Thomas F. O'Neill explains the 'new' Chinese take on spirituality, in "Introspection." Mattie Lennon offers us a look at two recently released Irish books in his column "Irish Eyes."

Before we leave the column's, we want to mention that our friend and author Eric Shackle is currently in a Rest Home and not doing any writing. His interesting articles have added glamour, excitement, awe, and astonishment over the years of our association, and we really miss him and his work. Thank you, Eric.

In addition to Mark Crocker's fourth installment in the Stories section of his "Rabbo Tales," he has a Poem. He explained it "is about My cat Lexi--I wrote about my cat that was one moment acting brave and the next moment she was all fluffed up and scared."

With Crocker's "Oh Pussy Cat," there are 12 poems for October. This issue marks ten years that Bruce Clifford has been publishing his work through Pencil Stubs Online, and he sends the following four: "Be Yourself with Me," "I Don't Believe in Miracles Anymore," "Meant to Be," and "Who's Going to Buy?"

Your editor added her own "Ozark Born and Bred" to the six from John I. Blair: "Breathe In," "Portuguese Man Of War," "Self Aware," "Waiting For Autumn," "Corresponding With JC," and "In Fact, I Am An Island."

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See you in November!

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