Saturday, April 2, 2011

Angel Whispers

Love is in the air

"__Bless all of you who are with us on our journey. We thank you for your support each day. The word is getting out that we exist and are here to help mankind to make the changes necessary for growth and rejuvenation. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Let the joy in heart help you to grow. For this joy will spill into love for all to see. Don't be afraid to show your light to all that you see. Love comes in all different colors like the chakras-

    Love can come in red which can be a bit boisterous
    Love can come in orange which is deep and bright
    Love can come in yellow which is sunny and bright like a sunny day
    Love can be green which can be a healing love from within
    Love can be blue which is telling others about your love for them
    Love can be indigo and seeing the big picture your love to all people
    Love can purple and this is a love for all things spiritual, understanding the universe's messages.__"
July 24, 2010
What color is your love today?

©Copyright2011 Peg J and the angels

I heard this message last July and used it for a daily angel message I had been doing and still do for my blog and for Face book too. This message has come to me many times and I have also meditated on it too. It seems to me that love is the base of all that makes the world go around in a positive manner. Nothing can top love. There are a lot of seconds like peace, serenity, happy, like, fond of, and I am sure there are a million other words too. Love has such melody and it's so short and to the point.

Love will change a sad, sappy time to a place that is so far away from sadness or the feeling of hate. I love you! What magic. I hate you gives you the feeling of total dejection, more hurtful than I don't like you. Love is a bouquet of flowers and a baby smiling. It can be a kiss on the cheek or a kiss on the hand they both mean love.

Love is what we need more of in this world. We need to be able share this love so that others can feel the love too. Play some nice music get that love feeling and spread it around.. Do some dancing and sing as you are dancing! The love dance and song will help you to get there too. Then there is the love of nature. Who doesn't love to be in nature, on top of a mountain, walking through a field of daisies with butterflies dancing on them. Who doesn't love going on a bike ride to the beach for the day, or going on the surprise cruise to the islands.

I have written about the heart place many times in my daily messages and on Pencilstubs ezine. The angels remind me that you will find love and that feeling of love in your heart place. Clearing away the negative feelings and taking positive action in your life.
Love is the one word that can change the world. But first we have to love ourself! When we love ourselves we give that feeling to everyone we meet and then they in turn do the same to those they see and meet each day too.

Sometimes I think that this goal of spreading love to all in our world is a dream. As I also see war, earthquakes and constant examples of what is not love in our world. But I also see I have to live with myself and all I can do is be myself and accept everyone on their own terms. To keep my judgments out of how I act in my life. Sometimes love has rules that come under the umbrella of tradition, culture, religion. So there are different rules and not for all if we continue to live that way. I am learning slowly to embrace all who I meet and not to make instant judgments or assumptions of people places and things.

My big dream for our world is that we find a way to accept each other as we are, and also so that we can learn from each other and share our uniqueness. We really are the same--we all want love, acceptance, and understanding! It's our basic right actually.
It's our choice to decide how we as individuals want to liveĆ¢€¦ It's really all a choice!.

What is your choice? I choose love! The color I choose for today as to where my love is, is Pink.. What color do you choose?

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