Friday, April 1, 2011

Rabbo Tales - Chapter 8

By Mark Crocker


    It had been a busy three week for everyone. What with Bastet making sure that both she and Athena were pregnant and helping to find out what abilities Rabbo had. And to add to things Rabbo was dragged off to the warren to witness the birth of his kittens from his older female rabbit friend.
    And then there were his training lessons that Athena, Merwyn and Bastet had been giving him with his healing, astral travel, creativity telekinesis psychokinesis and coercion.
    By the end of each day Rabbo had been so tired that he had slept though the night on the window sill without waking up.
    What surprised Rabbo was that neither Athena nor Bastet showed that they were pregnant. They did not get fatter fast like rabbits would have in three weeks nor did they smell that much different.
    The only problem that had happened in those three weeks was when Merwyn had got upset with both Athena and Bastet about being unclothed all the time.
    While all the training of his abilities had been hard work and enjoyable for the most part what had amazed him was the birth of his rabbit kittens. And how small they where and how weak and defenseless they were when first born.
    But they were growing fast and they now had fine fur all over their bodies and did not look like pink wriggling over weight worms. In fact they looked a little more like rabbits now that they had fur. But their ears seemed small and their eyes were not open yet.
    Rabbo’s first female rabbit friend had given birth to their kittens in his burrow so that he could see them. His second female friend had been there too to help and make sure that they were not bothered as his first female friend had given birth.
    Rabbo had wondered if his first and second female friends should have name and if he should give them names as it was hard to explain to Merwyn, Athena and Bastet.
    But maybe his second female friend did have a name. She chattered at him and that would have meant that she was intelligent too.
    Rabbo wondered if he should ask her next time he was at the burrow?
    Not only were his abilities being trained so that they would be useful but he was also learning to speak rabbit and now could talk to them. Admittedly it was in what Merwyn called broken rabbit but he could get the point across. Even if he had to say the same thing over and over again in different ways until they got what he meant. He also wondered if his kittens would have his abilities but he was not sure and they were too young to find out anyway as they still had their eyes closed and all they did was eat sleep and poop a lot.
    His burrow had started to smell badly and he had cleaned out all the bedding and brought down from the house some straw and lavender and that took away the odor of the poop and pee.
    He would spend what little free time he had in his burrow sniffing and nosing the kittens and licking them clean.
    Rabbo had been so proud when he had told Merwyn, Athena and Bastet that the kittens had been born and that he had 3 daughters and a son.
    Then he let slip that his second female rabbit friend might very likely be a niece.
    Athena and Bastet both had become very worried talking about to close a gene pool and that in breeding was a bad idea when the gene pool was so closed.
    Bastet had looked at Athena and it had been clear to Rabbo that there was some telepathic interplay that they had on the private mode. But what it was Rabbo could not guess.

    * * *

    Rabbo awoke early feeling refreshed and ready for anything that Athena or Bastet could throw at him.
    He had slept well even after Merwyn had worked him out long and hard on his first long astral travel trip the night before.
    While Merwyn had said it was just a short trip to the top of the mountain it had seemed so far away to Rabbo.
    Even with his normal eyes he could only see the top of the mountain and that seemed so very far way as if it would take months to hop to the top.
    Merwyn had said that it was a two day hike from the house to the very summit of the mountain. Yet they had done it in less than five minutes in their astral form and spent close to two hours looking at things. And the trip back was less than the five minutes that it had taken to get there.
    Once he had returned to the house and was back in his body it had taken Rabbo a while to be able to move his body properly and he had needed help to get to the garden so that he could take care of his business.
    One of the things about astral travel that Rabbo did not like was that every time he would leave his body he would need to pee once he got back even if he went before he went on the astral travel trip.
    A few times when he had taken his first few trips he had almost not made it outside. So now Merwyn would pick him up and take him outside to the edge of the garden so that he could pee and do his business.
    Rabbo hopped down off his window sill which now was very comfortable as Athena had made him a soft cushion for him to sleep on rather than the old blanket that he had been sleeping on.
    In the kitchen sat Bastet dressed in just her skin while Athena had on just a short skirt and a halter top.
    Merwyn came walking in from the garden with two large buckets of fresh milk that he placed in the cool storage room before turning and looking at Athena.
    Merwyn totally ignored Bastet which was normal as he did not want to see that Bastet was naked.
    “So what have you two planned for Rabbo today” asked Merwyn as he looked out of the kitchen window.
    “Well Bastet is going to slash her leg open and I will suck the blood out and Rabbo here will heal her” said Athena laughingly.
    “Ok dear daughter. I’ll ask Bastet instead of hearing your jokes” said Merwyn. “So Bastet what are you teaching Rabbo.
    “Well as Athena said we are going to slash open my leg and Rabbo will heal the cut”
    “Ok glad you gave me a straight answer” said Merwyn thoughtfully as he looked out the window.
    “Are you really going to cut your leg open so that I have to heal it” said Rabbo rather alarmed at what they were going to ask him to do.
    “Don’t worry sweetie” said Athena in the private mode to Rabbo.
    “Its not that I am worried it’s more that I don’t know if I can. And if I remember right she should not lose too much blood while pregnant” replied Rabbo in the same mode
    “Sweetie I am not worried so don’t you worry. Beside if I think she is bleeding too much I just take over and we try again after I heal the wound”.
    Merwyn walked back over to the cool storage room and came out with a jug full of milk and poured a glass for each of them. He then poured the rest into a bowl for Cat who had been gone for the last few days on what Merwyn had called “Cats secret mission”.
    The smell of the milk brought Cat in from his sun spot in the living room into the kitchen and right to the bowl of fresh milk.
    “Thank you” hissed Cat.
    “It always gets me that Cat is so polite” said Bastet. “I should teach mine manners. But all the do is demanded things. Pet me, fed me, clean my sand box, and pick me up. Never a please or thank you. Just nag nag nag. Maybe I should turn myself into a cat and teach them better manners. Oh well I can’t for at lest a year and half”.
    “Oh I see it now Bastet” said Merwyn. “You turning yourself into a cat for the rest of your pregnancy and giving birth to kittens instead of babies. Just what this planet needs a race of super cats running things”?
    Both Athena and Bastet started to laugh hard at the mental image that Merwyn projected into their minds and Rabbo’s of half human cats sitting around talking and playing cards.
    Rabbo looked confused and cocked his head to one side. “And what would be wrong with that”?
    “Never mind” laughed Athena “let’s get on with your lesson”.
    Athena drunk her milk and looked at Bastet who was still watching Cat lap at his milk and smiling.
    Rabbo hopped into the library and saw that a table had been set up with a bowl of hot water, towels, a very sharp knife, bandages, gauze, needle, cotton thread and next to the chair a large metal bucket.
    Bastet walked in holding Cat and carrying her glass of milk. She looked around the room and then at the table. She reached over and picked up a towel and placed it on the chair. She then sat down on the chair and put cat down. She reached over to the table and picked up a second towel and placed that over her lap.
    Bastet took a deep breath “Ok Rabbo lets go over this again before Athena slices open my leg for you to heal. Remember what I told you and how we did it with the cut on Athena’s finger. Remember you have to picture clearly the skin knitting together. But this time you have to see the muscle too. But before Athena slices my leg I want you to see the skin and then look with your minds eye and the muscle of my leg were Athena is going to cut”.
    Athena looked at Bastet’s upper thigh and marked to area she was going to cut deeply into making sure she was well away from any arteries.
    “Now Rabbo close your eye’s and tell me what you see” said Bastet
    Rabbo could see layers and layers of skin with tiny holes with fine hair then as he looked deeper and deep it turned to muscle pink then red. He saw veins and arteries and lastly bone.
    For the next forty five minute’s Bastet had Rabbo repeat the whole process until she was sure that Rabbo had it right.
    “That was very good Rabbo” said Bastet.
    Rabbo bowed his head wondering if they were ever going to slice into her leg so that he could try and heal it.
    Then without warning Athena picked up the knife and sliced deeply into Bastet’s upper thigh.
    At first there was a faint red line and as Rabbo looked closer blood started to well up out of the wound and spread down the side of her thigh.
    Rabbo closed his eyes and thought about the skin knitting together and the muscle knitting back together.
    “Stop” said Bastet as Athena placed a compress on her upper thigh. “You did not tell me that you were going to go so deep”
    “You never told me how deep to go” replied Athena before she stuck out her tongue.
    Athena then closed her eyes for a moment. There was a faint odor of burnt flesh and then Athena removed the compress and looked at the leg.
    “I did not heal all of it Rabbo you can finish the job” said Athena.
    Rabbo nodded and looked at the wound. Blood was seeping from the wound and little droplet dropped down onto the towel.
    He closed his eyes again and saw the wound healed down to the muscle by Athena and at once he knew what he had done wrong. He had started to slow and at the skin instead of the muscle. So he continued the healing of the wound that Athena had left undone and finished at the last layer of skin.
    “Much better” said Bastet “I was going to tell you that you should have started at the lowest level of the cut but you were in a hurry”.
    “Ok darling get ready and as before don’t tell me when you are about to slice and please not so deep. And please wait until I finish talking” said Bastet on the private mode to Athena.
    Athena smiled and winked at Bastet. She looked at Rabbo to see if there was any sign of him being tired but she could see none.
    “Now Rabbo lets go over what you did and what you did wrong” said Bastet as she picked up the bloody towel and placed it in a bucket that had been placed next to her chair just for that reason.
    And again for forty five minutes Bastet went over everything she had already told Rabbo in great detail. Towards the end of the forty five minutes she had Rabbo repeat back what he had to do. As he finished Bastet smiles at him.
    Then Athena sliced into her other thigh without saying a word to Rabbo or Bastet.
    Rabbo closed his eyes at once and started to knit the muscle back together as fast as he could to stop the bleeding.
    Once he got to the skin he looked down deeper and cleaned up the muscle wound as he had missed a few places in his hurry. Then when he got to the skin he went back down to the bottom of the muscle wound and checked to make sure that he had not missed anything. Then he started on the skin making sure that it was knitted properly. Once that was done he went back down to the bottom of where the muscle wound had ended and check again to make sure everything looked good. Then he moved his sight over to the other leg were the first wound had been to make sure that had healed properly.
    Rabbo opened his eyes and found it hard to focus for a few second then once his eyes had adjusted her looked at Athena and then at Bastet. They both smiled and nodded at him yet their lips moved and he could not hear them.
    He shook his head trying to clear his ears so that he could hear them as they talked to him.
    A little worried Rabbo spoke to Athena on the private mode. “I can’t hear you talking. Something is wrong”.
    “Close your eyes for a second and look at the last part of the wound you were working in and withdraw slowly. Your mind is still focused on healing. You have to return it to normal mode” replied Athena on the same mode.
    Rabbo closed his eyes and looked at the where the wound had been on Bastet’s thigh. Slowly he pulled his mind back and opened his eyes again.
    “Well Rabbo can you hear us now” said Bastet a little worried.
    “Yes I can that was scary not being able to hear properly” answered Rabbo.
    “Your ears are drooping so much dear rabbit I think you need a nap” said Athena looking carefully at Rabbo.
    Rabbo agreed that sleep and rest would be good as he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open and he could not think too clearly either.

    * * *

    Rabbo awoke from his nap to an empty room. From above her hard a thumping sound that was too faint to figure out from where it was coming from.
    He hopped into the kitchen and Bastet was sitting on the kitchen table eating salad, fresh baked bread, and cheese. She looked over at Rabbo and smiled.
    “There’s my little healer rabbit. Did you sleep well” Bastet asked.
    “Yes I did thank you” replied Rabbo adding a bow to make himself very polite. “Where are Athena and Merwyn”?
    “Talking” answered Bastet with a sly smile on her lips.
    Rabbo hopped up on the chair next to Bastet and stood up on his hind legs so that he could almost see eye to eye with Bastet.
    “It might be better if you hop up on the table so that you don’t strain your back standing on your hind legs like that” said Bastet with a genuine worry in her voice.
    “I can’t sit on the table. Merwyn and Athena don’t like me doing that”.
    “Oh ok” mused Bastet. “I guess that would be like me standing on the table. Not very sanitary”
    “Something on your mind” asked Bastet.
    “What’s it like where you came from” asked Rabbo.
    “It’s a beautiful planet with great mountains and huge oceans and sea’s with great forests and huge grass lands and beautiful deserts with red rocks and sand. Where I was born was by a huge long river that spread out into a great ocean. There were huge palm tree’s that were so tall that to climb them took skill. The weather would be warm all year round and you did not need cloths other than to stop your skin from burning in the noon day heat”.
    Bastet looked sad “I so miss home. But now it’s not how I remember it. The war came and the delta I live by was destroyed by the followers on Toner. My father and mother fought hard and with the people from the city near by. And because the city and all its people stood against Toner he burnt the city to the ground cut down all the palm tree’s burnt all the tall grass and killed everyone. I was safe only because I was with my sister who was in the mountains giving birth to Athena”. Tears started to stream down Bastet’s cheeks.
    “When I came home there was nothing left. Everything was gone. Then Merwyn came with what was left of his army and I joined him fighting for freedom for our peoples. Fighting so that everyone on the planet could live the life they wanted and could be free to use their minds abilities how they wanted. Not under some dictator that tells you how to do everything. I was there when Merwyn was betrayed. And we would of won if we had not been betrayed” Bastet slammed her fist down hard on the table. “And Merwyn let the traitor live and come with us and now he is spinning his poison again”.
    “Who” asked Rabbo softly wondering why he felt like it would help Bastet heal if she talked about the pain she felt.
    “Amun-Ra” hissed Bastet. “He spins lies and blinds people to what he really is. He told the others that Merwyn was planning to set himself up as leader of this planet. So Merwyn left and moved as far away as he could so that he would not be a bother. And Ra lied and told them that he had forced Merwyn to leave. Then he started to enslave the people and make himself like a god to them and his close friends did likewise and the rest of us who spoke up they joined together and tried to kill. I hid myself in a delta that reminds me of home. Just me and my cats. Oh I have a few friends that are from this planet and they understand that other than what I can do with my mind I am just like them. But Ra is after Merwyn again and I told him. You know what Merwyn said”?
    “What” said Rabbo speaking softly.
    “He said that they would not come as they would be busy fighting among themselves as Ra was blind to the ambitions of others. He might be right. I hope he’s right. And if what Kronos said is right Ra is getting weaker with age” Bastet smiled “mind you Merwyn is the oldest of us and he is not getting weak. If anything he is getting stronger”.
    Bastet was about to say more but was stopped by the footsteps coming down the stairs.
    Merwyn walked into the kitchen and headed to the cool storage room and came out with three large steaks and one small steak. He put the small steak off to one side and looked at Bastet.
    “I’m not going to ask you how you want your steak Bastet that’s a given but what other vegetables would you like” asked Merwyn?
    “Um do you have potatoes”?
    “Sadly no. That’s the one thing from home I did not bring as I thought they would be wild on this planet” stated Merwyn rather sadly.
    Merwyn got busy cooking dinner for them while Bastet set the table and talked lightly about how Rabbo’s healing session went with her thighs.
    Athena came down the stairs wiping sleep from her eyes and looked around the kitchen for Cat.
    Cat was sitting on the window sill by the sink watching the birds outside in the bush near by. As she sat watching he would cheap and chirp at the birds as they came close to the window.
    Dinner was placed on the table with Bastet’s and Cats raw steaks off to one side.
    Athena helped herself to a steak and sat down close to Merwyn. She turned smiled and winked at Merwyn before filling her plate with raw squash, carrots peas and beans. She then added salad and a dressing of olive oil garlic and vinegar.
    Bastet did the same placing her raw steak to one side and filled her plate with everything that Athena had.
    Cat slipped off the window sill and licked his lips before jumping up on his chair “Cut steak please” said Cat as he looked at Merwyn.
    Merwyn cut Cat’s steak into small squares making sure that there was plenty of juices and blood for Cat.
    Merwyn reached back and grabbed the wine skin off the back of the chair and poured a glass for Rabbo and himself.
    Merwyn looked over at Rabbo “Tonight we are going south I overheard you and Bastet talking and I want to see what Ra is up to and why Bastet is still worried. All I want is your eyes and ears so that we don’t miss a thing”.
    Rabbo nodded as his mouth was full of dandelion flowers.

    * * *

    It was full dark when Rabbo and Merwyn went outside and sat down on the grass near the oak tree.
    Rabbo closed his eyes and felt himself float up out of his body.
    Next to him was a dim glowing ball that was Merwyn.
    Normally Merwyn would have been a bright huge glowing ball but tonight he was in what he had told Rabbo was stealth mode.
    Rabbo felt Merwyn wrap himself around him and then they started to move at high speed.
    The land below became a blur as they moved faster and faster. Then they were over water and for a brief glimpse Rabbo saw boats with sails off an island that had a smoking mountain in the center surround by water and then land with a small opening that boats could come in and out though.
    Rabbo and Merwyn passed over another island that had lots of buildings and people moving around in the early night.
    Then more water until Rabbo saw land again with a huge green fan of land. Then they came to a huge river with a green belt that ran down the sides of the river with a desert on either side of the green belt of land. Then a huge village with burning lights in the streets and people and great big buildings. They went further down the river until Rabbo saw up a head a huge building with great high pillars with people that were glowing and moving into a chamber.
    They slowed down and moved into the chamber high up in the ceiling. There they stopped and waited.
    The chamber was huge and around three sides was a raised platform. The center platform was higher than the others and a flight of five steps lead up to the single throne seated in the center.
    The platforms on either side had only two steps up to them and on the platforms were five thrones on each side.
    A tall man wearing a white kilt walked up and sat on the high throne looking down at those gathered around him.
    His skin was light and his body was muscular. His hair was dark brown or black with touches of gray. He had a long braided beard. His eyes were brown but looked like dark pits.
    Around him on the lower thrones sat five men and four women. Below them stood about forty men dressed in the same manner as Ra. But it was clear to Rabbo that they were lesser people then those that were seated on the thrones and that Ra was the most important of them all.
    Rabbo felt raw power coming from Ra who looked around at the others on the thrones before looking at the people below them.
    “Commander of my forces step forth and report on the status of those I placed under you to train”
    A man of about 5ft6 stepped forward wearing a white kilt with a sash of red running from his right shoulder down to his left hip. He moved forward and knelt with his head bowed.
    “My holiness those that I train learn slowly I try my best yet some do not understand how to use the weapons that you gave us in the manner you wish” said the commander with his head still bowed.
    “Then kill some of them in the manner which they are being trained in. They will learn fast enough once a few have been killed” said Ra with an ice cold tone in his voice. “Remember commander these men are just to core ground. Those that live will train others who will train others until I have the force I want. Do I make myself clear”?
    Rabbo noticed that Ra’s eyes were glowing red and that smoke seemed to be coming from his nose and ears.
    “Well spoken my brother Ra” said one of the men seated on a throne to one side of Ra.
    “Commander you can leave now and I want a report in the morning of the training and to see the bodies of those that fail” said Ra with flames licking from his nose.
    “Yes your holiness” the commander stood up keeping his head bowed and backed out of the chamber.
    “Commander of my navy step forth”.
    A fat short bold man stepped forward and knelt before Ra and bowed low.
    “What is thy wish my master” said the fat bold man.
    “Report on how many ships we have built this moon and how your training of shipwrights is proceeding” boomed out Ra’s voice.
    “My master we have three new ships in the style and manner you wished. A forth is almost done and the shipwrights learn fast the skills and the tools you have taught us. I am please to report that the harbor we are building is almost complete and that we will be able to start training men to sail those ships before the end of the next moon”.
    “I wanted four ship built each moon but as you have one almost complete I will let that pass. And as you have the harbor almost done three moons ahead of when I wanted it finished you can take your pick of the maidens waiting outside. Now depart”.
    Ra looked at the others sitting on their thrones and smiled slyly.
    “Commander of my plantations step forth”.
    An old frail man hobbled forward and with great effort lowered himself to his knees and bowed his head.
    “My master the planting is not going well I am sad to report. There was less rain this year that we had hoped and that”.
    “Enough. You failed me I know that only two thirds of what I wanted was planted and a quarter died. I told you how to irrigate the land and you have not. I don’t care if it is not your way. You will not fail again and I will make sure of that” and with that Ra’s eyes glowed brilliant red and the frail old man fell forward his skin boiling and his eyes popping out of his head. He jerked and twisted and the stopped moving.
    Ra pointed at a tall man with dark skin and a bold head.
    “You dump his body in the Nile and bring his wife children their grand children and if he has any great grand children here. They will follow him in his failure. Once they have been killed hang their bodies outside the walls and let it be known that I will not have failure”
    Ra stood up and looked at the lesser people standing below him.
    “Do I make myself clear” his voice booming out and filling the chamber. Ra pointed at a tall man with dark almost black skin. “You there you know how to plant and run plantation? You are now the commander of all my plantations. See that you don’t fail me”.
    Ra pointed at another lesser man. “Bring me those two girls that were waiting outside but first prepare them in the manner I desire. I want them here when we adjourn. The rest of you get out of my sight before I make you follow that decaying piece of flesh” said Ra pointing at the body of the frail old man that was being dragged away.
    “Ra is a bad man” said Rabbo to Merwyn
    The chamber empted very quickly and Ra turned to the others seated on their thrones.
    “I glad that we have that out of the way. It bores me that these things can’t do the simple things I wish. Now down to business” said Ra as his eyes stopped glowing and the flames and smoke faded away. “I have it from Hermes that the things on Crete are following his advice. They already have a colony on Thira that is doing well. Now as we have discussed before. We have to attack his daughter and not him. If we destroy her he will give up and fade from this life. Anubis I want you to set up an advanced base on Thira with Hermes so that when the time is ripe we can land near his mountain and in concert with the attack on that village near them we can attack her. Once she is dead then he will no longer have the will it live”.
    “I can have that advanced base of operations ready in 20 years. But I still think that just brain frying her will do the same thing with less work and less risk. I am worried about that volcano on Thira. It’s been rumbling of late and only Merwyn can look that low to see what’s going on down that deep” said Anubis.
    Ra ignored Anubis’s worry and looked at Hathor “would brain frying her be easier”?
    “She is strong almost as strong as he is. It would take all of us to brain fry her but killing her would be easy and you could do it in the same manner that you did to Maxus”.
    “Oh you are cruel Hathor. You still have not forgiven him for bonding with Isis and not you” laughed Ra.
    Hathor looked at Ra with a look of pure hate. “I am better in bed than she ever was as you well know. And I would of given him many children not just that bimbo of a daughter that does not use her mental abilities to one tenth of her skill level”.
    “Yes I know well your mattress dancing skills” said Ra with a sly smile “as do the rest of us here”.
    “Then why don’t you invite me to your bed again”.
    “Because these female things entertain me more” replied Ra. “But we are talking about how to rid ourselves of Merwyn and his daughter. Not your lustful ways Hathor”.
    Horus leaned forward “Why don’t we just zap her mind and use her body. I don’t like the idea of wasting those genes of hers. After all she is his daughter and the daughter of Isis we could clone her and have one of your play things carry to team and then we could raise her to adulthood and train her in the way we want”.
    “Hmm that’s an idea. Nut, Hathor, Ma'at, Seshat can that be done. Horus is right about wasting those good genes” asked Ra.
    “We have tried to use these females before and it’s not worked yet. If Bastet was with us it could be done. But she won’t join us. Don’t forget she is her aunty and is secretly in love with Merwyn” said Nut speaking for Hathor, Ma'at and Seshat. “I am just glad that we can’t have children on this planet by normal means. But I do wish that Bastet had not taken all those files with her. If I could get to them I could figure out how to use these females to breed for us”.
    “We have eons before we have to worry about that” said Ma’at.
    Standing at the entrance to the chamber stood the man that Ra had sent to bring him the two young females.
    Ra turned to Horus “they are both his daughters that he brings. That will teach him to make comments about me”.
    Ra stood up and waved the man standing in the entrance way forward.
    Behind the man were two young women.
    The two young women were about 5ft3 with long legs dark skin, brown eyes and long black braided hair. They where wearing wide metal belts with chains running from their hips to their wrists. They also had on short white skirts and sandals. Neither of them looked scared as they had been drugged before hand.
    Ra stood up walked down the steps and looked at the two young women. “Perfect” he took them by the hands and led them from the chamber.
    The rest of the council members stood up and left the room. Only Nut remained seated deep in thought. She then looked up at were Merwyn and Rabbo had been hiding and winked.

    * * *

    Rabbo opened his eyes and felt so tired and old. He looked up at Merwyn “I don’t like this Ra. He’s evil and nasty. Why kill an old man. And why does he enjoy treating the humans of this planet like that”?
    “He was not always so Rabbo. Once he was a very caring man. But war turned his mind and then coming here made him power crazy” answered Merwyn
    “He’s always been evil as long as I can remember” said Bastet who had walked up with warm milk and a tray of oatmeal cookies. “Did you meet my spy”?
    “Yes and that was an eye opener. Right under Ra’s nose. Very clever move on your part. I had assumed that you had a servant in his court but not Nut as your spy. Very clever move on your part very clever indeed. Isis would have been proud of that”.
    “Thank you. But how else do you think I got all my files out without Ra finding out” said Bastet shyly.
    “He knows that you took them. Just be careful that he does not come after you” said Merwyn very worried.
    “Oh he tried but I was ready for him” laughed Bastet. “Don’t forget I am more powerful in a few areas’ than he is. And Horus and Anubis are scared to death of me. And Nut won’t let him touch me and she controls Hathor”.
    “Oh we have to warn the village that there is a small fleet of ships coming their way” said Rabbo.
    “We can do that tomorrow” said Bastet. “I need to return to my home and there is a ship waiting in the harbor at the village that arrived for me today”
    “You are leaving us” asked Rabbo?
    “I must or I won’t leave until it’s too late and I can’t teleport myself now as I am pregnant and that would undo all the hard painful work we have done. Athena and myself have been talking it over and while she wants me to stay I have to leave”.
    “Are you going to travel like that Bastet” said Merwyn looking Bastet up and down.
    “Like what”
    “Naked” answered Merwyn.
    “Oh no” laughed Bastet
    Merwyn stood up reached down and picked up Rabbo and started to walk up to the house.
    Once inside he put Rabbo down and looked at him “You look tired Rabbo best that you sleep in the living room tonight.
    “I do have a question” stated Rabbo.
    “What’s that?”
    “Does Bastet love you”?
    “Yes in a manner of speaking. She is a very loving caring woman. But not in the manner that I loved Isis or Isis loved me” Merwyn paused and looked out of the window and turned back quickly “get some rest I think its time you saw the village and it will be a long trip tomorrow”.
Rabbo curled up on the rug and sleep overcame him fast as the astral travel trip had drained him more than he had thought.
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