Saturday, October 1, 2011

It Bubbles Up

By M. Jay Mansfield

slowly bubbling up
so insidious it crawls
taking over every bit of my being
I tremble and shake
My eyes flash
my teeth draw blood in my own lips
and those that think they know me cringe in fear
and those that truly know me tremble with me
For it is pure passion
Love and will from my center
Bubbling up to wash me away
And to carry who ever is willing to hold onto me to another place
A wave of violent proportions
A wave of pure crimson
From deep inside
Through me
From the very groins of mother earth and father sun
Waves of passion that could surely crush you if you let it
Or roll over you in a beautiful procession
it is a passion that goes past the core of my soul
Tying the souls of my lover to me and the goddess
Natures full beautiful fury
Where scratches and battles and blood and spit
And soothing pools of comfort and caring are all one
where fabric is ripped
and hearts mended
passion from the depths
exploding through us in a glorious ride
the price is so much and yet the ride is free
Open up
grab on
and Love with me
©9-26-2011 MJMansfield
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