Saturday, October 1, 2011


By M. Jay Mansfield

Put a tourniquet on my brain….stop my bleeding thoughts
Stop the throbbing embolism of doubts…
Tie off these arterial movements…
Don’t let this filth drain into the system…
Sear the edges so no one has to see…

A flashing light in the distance warning of impending failure
A creaking wheel as the gears continue to grind
A rough hum of the machinery connected to this fixture…
A soft sirens wail in the distance signaling the keepers…

Tie off these hateful thoughts of freedom bleeding out
Staunch these flowing wounds with alcohol soaked rags
Bind these crazy ideas and clean them with doubt
Let them be clouded with the clot of disbelief

Run these veins as full of antiseptic as you can
Calm the animal with all the drugs that can warp its fragile state
Fill what’s left of the vessel with all the fears of man
Brutally hack away at all the things that might make it desperate

Slice at the social blackness that appears as truth
Tear away each streaming line of individuality
Clean the poor cad with our medias horrible soot
Protect him with an iron suit built of all mans frailty

©10/15/10 MJMansfield

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