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Rabbo Tales-Chapter 12-Part B

By Mark Crocker

The Last of a Race

Previously: Rabbo hopped up the pathway to the house and hopped in. Athena was closing the living room door as Rabbo hopped up to her.
Athena was all sweaty and flushed as she looked down at Rabbo.
“Bastet wants to talk to Merwyn or you” said Rabbo.
Athena looked at the door and then at Rabbo. “Dad is kind of busy working with Helena”
“Oh is that what you call it” Bastet’s voice said as it drifted faintly into both Rabbo and Athena’s minds.
Athena blushed and looked at Rabbo who was looking up at her wriggling his nose as the odor that was coming off of her.
    “I better bathe” said Athena.
    “Yes you had” answered Bastet with a faint snicker in her voice.

    At dinner Helena sat very close to Merwyn but she kept looking over at Athena and giggling like a little girl.
    “So explain to me again and slowly this time what Bastet told you” said Merwyn to Athena as Helena poured more wine into her goblet and Merwyn’s goblet.
    “She explained in detail that Helena’s grand mother was a willing experiment a Sirian human cross and that they tried for ten years before she got it right. The idea is that once it was done she could use me to have children. But she was not planning on a daughter and that daughter having a daughter and so on. But with Helena being her grand child and you having her this afternoon it’s possible that she could have a son that is if she is fertile at the moment. And if that is the case and I have a girl we could cross them and have the Sirian race reborn”?
    “We will just have to make sure that Ra does not find out as if he does he will be after Bastet”
    Helena leaned into Merwyn. “My lord Zeus I would be very willing to have your child”.
    Helena turned and smiled at Athena. “When I was fourteen summers my grand mother took me to the island of Lesbos. I went there for a ritual and I so enjoyed myself. You would like it there”.
    “I would” said Athena raising an eye brow.
    “It was the ritual of deflowering. Woman only go there for that ritual” stated Helena.
    Athena laughed “so that explains were you were very willing”.
    Merwyn went so red that Athena and Helena started to laugh hard.
    Helena stood up and walked drunkenly over to Athena and sat in her lap. “Yes and I so enjoyed it. Never thought of doing it that way before”
    She turned back and looked at Merwyn and winked.
    Helena hiccupped and then looked around. “It feels like we are being watched”
    Merwyn nodded to Rabbo.
    Rabbo slipped out of his body and saw a glowing ball sitting on the counter watching them.
    The glowing ball had two other glowing balls faintly in the center. As Rabbo looked at the glowing ball it moved closer and seemed to come to rest on Athena’s shoulders.
    Rabbo thought a moment and remembered that the glowing colors where the aura colors of Bastet so he opened his eyes.
    “It's just Bastet” said Rabbo.
    Then Rabbo remembered that he had seen the same double glow in Athena that afternoon when she was making butter.
    “Merwyn Bastet is having two babies” asked Rabbo.
    “Yes that’s right” answered Merwyn.
    “It's just I noticed that Athena has a double glow around her tummy this morning” Rabbo turned to Athena. “Could you stand up so Merwyn can see?”
    Helena slipped off Athena’s lap so that Athena could stand up.
    Athena stood up turned side ways and closed her eyes so that she could show her aura to Merwyn and so that Helena could see the glow too.
    And there it was a faint double glow of two life forms in the early stages of development.
    “Twins” said Merwyn.
    Helena stood with her mouth wide open as she looked at the glowing Athena. She reached out and gentle in awe touched Athena’s tummy.
    Suddenly Helena’s eyes rolled back and she fell to the floor her mouth started to move “Bring Bastet to me with her mind chained. We will use Hermes as the bait once he arrives from Thira. Now get going and be ready”
    Athena and Merwyn both moved to Helena’s side and held her while she thrashed around in the throws of her vision.
    Rabbo sat bolt upright and then closed his eyes. He could still see the aura of Bastet but it was already moving away from the house.
    Rabbo followed Bastet mile after mile until he was far out over the sea. And still she did not stop.
    Rabbo had almost reached the end of his ability when he saw Bastet head down to a beach with a huge red stone house with wide windows and a huge door.
    He could see many people moving around and lots of boats on the shore. He spotted Bastet’s ship tied to a wharf. He moved down towards the huge house and just as he slowed and was wondering if he could somehow get in Bastet bespoke him on the private mode.
    “What’s so important that you had to follow me” asked Bastet.
    “Ra is coming after you. I don’t know how many but he is using Hermes as bait” said Rabbo feeling his mind weaken.
    Sudden Rabbo felt Bastet reach out and hold him in place. “How do you know this?”
    “Helena saw it even now she is speaking as if her voice is that of Ra” said Rabbo.
    “Return to Merwyn Athena and Helena and tell them I will hail them once I am ready.”

    Rabbo weakly opened his eyes and looked at Merwyn and Athena.
    Helena was sitting in a chair with a blanket around her shaking as if she was very cold. She held a goblet of wine to her lips that was steaming.
    “Drink it” said Athena “the warm wine will help”
    “I hate it when that happens” said Helena “that’s why they wanted me to be a priestess. The fact that I see visions and hear voices and that sometimes they speak though me”
    “Merwyn Bastet is going to hail you” said Rabbo weakly.
    Merwyn turned and looked at Rabbo and nodded then turned back to Helena.
    “That was brave of you” said Athena. “Traveling all that way on your own and following her. You must have been close to your limit”
    “Yes I was at my limit” said Rabbo weakly.
    Merwyn suddenly grabbed Helena’s goblet as her back arched and again she thrashed around wildly with her mouth working “Hermes you have three days to sail there. She will be weakened due to being pregnant. I will have fifteen people there that will pin her mind and chain her abilities so that she can’t hurt you. Yes she won’t be able to hurt you. Why are you scared! Yes I know what she did to you. Remember I healed you and put you back together. Now set sail and be there in three days.”
    Helena opened her eyes and looked around weakly. Her skin was sweaty and sticky so Athena helped her up and took her upstairs to the bathroom.
    Merwyn turned to Rabbo and looked at him. “That was brave of you to chase after Bastet to warn her. But it would have been better if you had waited so that you could of told her that she has three days to get out of there. But still good job” smiled Merwyn.
    “Merwyn Athena Rabbo. What’s going on” said Bastet’s voice.
    “Ra is moving against you. His force will be there in three days I suggest you be out of there in two days” said Merwyn.
    “I am already having my people packing and we can be out of here in one and half days. I can make my ship invisible but that will weaken me” said Bastet.
    Merwyn thought for a moment. “Tell me how you teleported yourself I might be able to come to you and help”.
    “Dad no” screamed Athena’s voice in Rabbo and Merwyn’s head.
    “Bastet needs one of us there and as you can’t go I will have to go” said Merwyn very matter of fact tone in his voice.
    Bastet switched to Merwyn's private mode and explained how she had teleported herself to visit Athena and Merwyn.
    Rabbo sat watching Merwyn for a while and every so often Merwyn would nod to himself.
    Athena came down stairs and walked up to Merwyn.
    “Rabbo stay with Athena” said Merwyn on Rabbo’s private mode. Then suddenly it looked as if Merwyn was nothing more than a huge white ball of light and they the center of the ball turned black and spread out until the whole white ball was black.
    The ball of black light looked like a hole fading into nothing and suddenly there was a loud ear splitting pop and Merwyn was gone.
    Athena stood with her mouth open and for what seemed like ever she just stood there hardly breathing. Then she started to shake and she sat down on the floor next to Rabbo.
    “Athena I am at Bastet’s” said Merwyn’s voice.
    Athena started to breath again and she stopped shaking.
    “You ever do something that stupid again I will kill you” screamed Athena in Rabbo’s head.

    For the next day and half Athena and Rabbo took it in turns to watch the coast line for Hermes and the others that Ra had sent north to chain Bastet’s mind.
    They had spotted Hermes’s ship off the coast of Crete sailing with full sail and making good headway.
    They had also watched as Merwyn loaded Bastet’s ship using his psychokinesis. And then they watched as Merwyn helped Bastet’s ship sail fast against the wind away from the shore and away from where Crete was.
    Bastet’s followers and friends had also loaded up their boats and were heading down the coast with the idea to make it to an island that was close to both main lands. From there they would again follow the coast around until they came to the same area that Merwyn and Athena lived in and set up a village of there own.

    Hermes stepped down onto the shore a few miles from Bastet’s huge temple complex. He could feel the sand under his feet. He took a deep breath and started to walk towards where he knew she lived.
    It was too quiet for what he was use to and had the feeling that Bastet was waiting for him to move closer before she attacked. Or maybe she had finally decided to give into him and that they could be bond mates.
    “I am not scared” he told himself trying to still the fear that was building inside of him.
    “You reek of fear” said Ra’s voice in his head.
    “Can you see her” he asked Ra.
    “No the house and temple is still heavily shielded. I can’t break though as much as I try” said Ra. “now remember Hermes get her outside of the shielded area and we can chain her mind”.
    “Are you sure they can over power her”.
    “We tried it on Nut and it worked with only ten. The fifteen I have on hand including Nut will be able to chain her mind without a problem all you have to do is get her out of the shielded area. That’s all” said Ra.
    The walk toward the temple and Bastet’s house seemed to Hermes to take forever but at last he could see her house and the shimmering of the shields that covered her house and temple.
    And there she was in lion form sitting on the steps looking at him licking her lion face lips as if she was ready to eat him.
    “Darling I will submit to you in love. I won’t dominate you I promise” said Hermes hailing her on the general telepathic mode.
    “I know Hermes” said Bastet her voice sounding different almost as if coming from far away. “Drop your shields to show me your love and come closer”.
    “I will drop my shields my love but come here to me on the beach” said Hermes.
    Hermes dropped his shields and saw Bastet get up and walk down the steps in lion form towards him.
    She came to the edge of the shielded area and sat down looking at him. “Step closer and I will forgive you”.
    “Don’t step closer, Hermes” said Ra “you will be in the way as we mind chain her”.
    “Come to me, my beloved” said Hermes.
    “I forgive you, my Hermes, and I will come closer out from under the shields to show you my love” said Bastet.
    And with that the lion got up and stepped out of the shielded area.
    Hermes felt the minds of fifteen people rush around him and by him. Then suddenly he heard the warning too late.
    “It’s a real lion”!
    Then he felt pain in his throat and body as the teeth of the lion sank into him. He could feel the razor sharp claws digging into his flesh as the grip on his throat tightened and tightened. Then there nothing. Only the feeling of falling forever downward and downward into a deep dark pit without light and only pain. Then he heard laughter from Bastet.
    “She won’t kill you. And your mind will be trapped in the world of darkness bound forever in the pain of those you hurt. Murder, rapist, liar, traitor. If Merwyn had known what you were he would never have shown you the kindness he did by rescuing you” Bastet’s voice laughed at him trapped as he was. “Beside your disgusting life form we need your genes so that our race does not die out. I will harvest your genes as a farmer harvest grains from the fields. And with no more care than a fisherman has for the fish he harvests. Did Ra tell you the truth about our home world and what it has become? No? It’s all burnt up as our sun dies. Your beloved house and home, millenniums of your family history that you loved so much was for nothing. All now trapped with you in the dirt and filth that you became when you lied and raped and murdered and became a traitor.
    Oh yes Merwyn knows that it was you that trapped his army in that mountain pass. Merwyn who forgave you knowing full well that you had sold him and his army to the followers of Toner. You who by selling Merwyn killed over twenty thousand of his soldiers and friends. Each solider he knew by name. And lastly that you who it was that injected his most beloved Isis with the illness that killed her, My sister, and now I will have my vengeance as decreed in the code that you so loved. I trap you and bind you in darkness. May those that you raped and killed and sold to death now bind you forever in the pain that you made their after life. And all their pain transfers to you so that they can rest and sleep in peace until they are free to be reborn. You, Hermes, murderer liar rapist traitor are now bound in their pain forever. Never to be free to be reborn free of the pain you created for all those that you have harmed”.
    “I did what I had to, to live” cried out Hermes knowing that he was trapped and that even Ra could not help him. So neatly had Bastet trapped him.
    “You are trapped forever you scum and that is your answer” said Bastet as she started the rite of binding Hermes’s mind. “I bind Hermes the traitor the murder the rapist the lair. I bind your mind to the dark pit for all time to come. May he be locked with the tortured souls of those he is responsible for? The countless children, the countless women and the countless men that he killed by word deed action and inaction. I bind you in the pit of pain. May you forever hear their cries of pain as you killed them? You Hermes are bound and judges by them. So it will be”.
    And then the voices started in Hermes’s head asking him why she had to die and then why he had to die and so it went. Each new voice asking the same question demanding that he answer. Yet not giving him that chance to answer before the next voice asked.
“Are you done?” asked Merwyn to Bastet.
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