Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

By Gerard Meister

I was wondering the other day if our high unemployment rate is due to the airlines no longer serving free food or even snacks. After all, this was a large industry that no longer exists, much like what happened to harness makers when the automobile took over for the horses

Okay, so some of the harness makers became shoemakers, but what happened to the rest? No one really knows, but such is not the case with the airline food planners, cooks, mavens, what have you? And no, there was no need for the displaced cooks, etc at the fast food emporiums. Say what you want about McDonalds or KFC or Subway, the food is delicious and quite reasonable. Yet, my investigators couldn’t find a single airline food person working at a fast food outlet.

Remarkable, but it’s really no surprise where 98.3% of the airline’s cooks and planners wound up and no, they are not collecting unemployment. Don’t give up, just think where can you get all the tasteless, expensive food you would ever want?” Why at the airport, of course! Makes sense when you think of it

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