Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Angel Whispers

Angel help at Dairy Queen

This past weekend, I was with my husband, at Dairy Queen ice cream stand on our way to our destination, last Friday night. I enjoyed the ice cream, even though it was not what I had asked for size wise. I asked for a mini but received a medium size ice cream. Apparently my husband wasn’t totally listening to me, when I said I wanted a mini ice cream. I managed to eat all of the ice cream, as I enjoyed every spoonful of the Butterfinger blizzard. We got up from our chairs and started to walk back to our car. I walked ahead of my husband, and as I was walking down the walk to the car, I missed two very low steps. As I was doing this, I dropped my pocket book and a sandal on my left foot came off. I kept walking at a very fast speed, very awkwardly, like a toddler with flailing arms, like someone was holding me up, or I was trying to catch my balance.
    I finally did stop, with my husband behind me trying to catch up to me. He never caught up to me. I realized, that I had not fallen, or twisted an ankle, or hurt my legs, in any way. My poor husband finally caught up with me and asked me, “Peg are you ok?
    He said,” I couldn’t catch up to you in time..
    I told him I was fine and I also said, “I am quite surprised, I didn’t fall on my knees.”
    He said, “Thank God, you could have really hurt yourself if you had fallen on the concrete.”
    To be honest, after I had calmed down I felt that I was truly carried by my guides and by my angels. It was as if they were on each side of me, holding me up from falling down, really hard on my knees, on the cement.
    We were going on a couples retreat for the weekend. When we arrived at the retreat house, I realized that I was feeling a lot of pain, and my muscles in lower back, and the left side of my body was becoming very painful.
    I was able to get some ibuprofen, and this helped a lot. When I went to bed, that night, I was feeling a really lot of discomfort and pain, throughout my body I was reading a new book before I went to bed that night . The name of the book was called Wishes Fulfilled by Dr Wayne Dyer. It spoke of self healing and some ways you can do it if you wanted explore this. Dr Dyer also spoke about the importance of positive energy and thoughts toward self healing. By this time, the pain had gotten to be quite bad, so I started to do the self healing affirmations and intentions. I said these affirmations over and over in my mind. When I woke up that next morning, I felt wonderful. The pain had been lifted except for some muscle pulls in lower calves. I felt this was due to being made to not fall at the ice cream place… I was so happy to have woken up that morning and not feel the aches pains I had been feeling the night before. I felt very much awake and very energetic too. It was really wonderful.
    I asked the angels about this and some other people to..The angels said we did help you up dear, because we wanted you to attend the retreat, pain free. If we didn’t help you in maintaining your balance, you would have not been able to attend the retreat. You would have had to go to the ER, that night. We wanted to show you that we were there for you that night by making sure you did not injure yourself.
In looking back to that night at Dairy Queen, my angels and my guides were with me that entire time, when I had lost my balance…
I am very grateful to my angels for their support and love for me at that time.

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