Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Friend John

I met you in the Escanaba Taxi several years ago
That was the beginning because one day I'd know
The caring man man with the humorous side
An intelligent guy who held a smile so wide

When we played dice, and you joined in the game
With your presence, it just wasn't the same
You'd sing a song, with each shake you took
Then we'd all stop and take a look
You weren't afraid to take chances on every turn
It's just like life, because that's how we learn

I remember one night I played the TV Themes for Tony and you
You were guessing the classics, there was so much you knew
I saw you playing Scrabble alone late at night
I'd stop in to say hello and see if everything was alright
You spent many nights playing Hangman with me
On your turn you always had a special category

You were coughing a lot and falling down
The smiling face was now wearing a frown
I recall one night when you fell from your chair
You were lost in your thoughts that you would share

I knew you've been thinking of your life here
Yet somehow you always seemed to conquer your fear
You fought every challenge that came your way
I'll remember you John, as I do every day

Life can be painful, and we each have a choice
When making decisions, wait, do I hear a voice?
“It's alright little pilgrim, I have no more pain”
I know it was John Hyry, yet it sounded like John Wayne
He sits with Angels in the Heavenly place
I see images of him with a smiling face

©April 5, 2012 Bud Lemire

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