Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Editor's Corner

May 2012

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it."--Mark Twain

Birthday time in your editor's family: after great grandson Chess on the 4th, a veritable parade of dear ones celebrate throughout May. The cooking editor has a different kind of celebration treat ("Cookin' With Leo") and it sounds yummy. So sending wishes out to him and his daughter, many grandchildren, etc.

May is also when we observe Memorial Day and John Blair mentions it in his "Always Looking -" column. Other columns are LC Van Savage's "Consider This" which has her bearing down on pronunciation, and Eric Shackle's column on "Walt Whitman's Newspapers;" Mattie tickles our funny bone with "Irish Eyes" while Thomas F. O'Neill has a more serious look at crime here and there. Peg Jones relates an incident of angel intervention for her personally in "Angel Whispers."

This issue also features a dozen poems, beginning with a tribute by Bud Lemire, "My Friend John." Bud Lemire is expanding his photographic expertise and shares many pics of the water fowl in his area. The water scenes at various times of the day are so beautiful, we are taking this opportunity to show one here at the bottom of our column. Thank you, Bud.

John Blair's poems are: "O Night Without A Moon," "Ripples," "Mist," "I've Never Seen A Moor," "Keys," and "Song of The Lark." Bruce Clifford's five poems begin with "Don't Mind Me." Others by him are: "God Like," "It's Bringing Me Down," "Walking into The Sun," and "What Are We Doing Here."

We are pleased to welcome a new author, Patricia Stalcup, with the short story "True North," a moving experience.

Mark Crocker adds Part B of the fantasy "Rabbo Tales II, Chapter 4 - Names" with sophisticated main character, Rabbo.

See you in June.

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Photograph by Bud Lemire in Escanaba

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