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Rabbo II-Chapter 7, Part B

Part B Chpt 7 Bk II

Athena and Helena woke up curled together just before the children did from their early afternoon nap. They got up, stretched, and looked at the girls snuggled together on the couch , surprisingly enough still covered by the light blanket that Athena had placed over them.
Athena walked to the window and looked outside to see that the sky was clear and bright blue and that the sun was just past its zenith. What was more the icicles from early in the day were starting to melt and were dripping. She turned and looked at Helena who was still having a hard time waking up.
Athena walked over kissed Helena gently and started to walk to the living room door. But she was interrupted by the sound of a soft whimper from Wenna who was starting to wake up from her nap. As Wenna whimpered she knocked Diana with her elbow and that woke up Diana who in turn kicked Merryn as she rolled over.
The three little girls wriggled around on the couch and then sat up and rubbed their sleepy eyes to help themselves shed the last of the sleep from their bodies.
“Mommy” said Diana looking around for Helena.
“I am right here, darling” said Helena moving to where Diana could see her.
Diana climbed over Wenna and stepped onto the living room floor and ran over to Helena and wrapped her arms around Helena’s legs. She looked up smiled at her mother and then walked over to Athena and repeated what she had done to Helena.
Athena looked down into Diana’s eyes and saw that the pupils were huge and that reminded Athena of Cat when he was feeling playful.
Helena looked Athena up and down and smiled. “Mind if I ask you a question”
“Sure sweetie” said Athena.
“I know you are a lot older than I a lot older. But why is it you look like you are my age” asked Helena.
“Well we age a lot slower” answered Athena.
“That confuses me. Wenna and Merryn look about the same age as my Diana yet they are about a year younger. Why is that” asked Helena sounding confused.
“It’s hard to explain really but I will do my best” said Athena thoughtfully. “We age fast in the first few years of our lives but as we get older we match you in our aging. And at about 16 we stop aging fast. Although our bodies are not mature and don’t get fully mature until we are in our early twenties. Then we age so slowly that it takes about two hundred and fifty years for us to age one of your years. I am eight hundred and fourteen years old and I guess I look like I am your age. Which is what? About twenty”?
“Yes twenty summers” said Helena smiling playfully.
“Merwyn is one thousand seven hundred and twenty seven of your years old. Yet he looks like someone in their mid thirties on this planet. I think that when you get to around one thousand five hundred years you stop aging for a long time. Merwyn told me once that his grand father faded when he was about five thousand and ninety nine years old and that was only because he saw his home burnt down in the war. In other words he lost the will to live. I think that we could live forever if we have the will to live that long. But there comes a point I think were the will to live forever fades and that’s when we start to fade. But I don’t know how fading works as I have never seen someone fade”.
“Oh so when you get to Merwyn's age you won’t of aged much were as I will be long gone” sad Helena sadly.
“For you I don’t know. After all you are part Sirian and you could live a long time” said Athena.
“How long” said Helena.
“Who knows with the Sirian blood in your veins it could be a long time” said Athena knowing that Helena was suddenly worried about dieing.
“Will I age like the woman at my temple” asked Helena.
“I don’t think so? Look let me show you something” said Athena as she walked over to the fire place and got down a dagger that Merwyn had placed over the fireplace. “This is something I noticed yesterday when you were slicing carrots”.
Athena took Helena’s hand and slid the dagger blade across Helena’s hand. Blood started to well up but then suddenly it stopped and the skin closed up around the wound on Helena’s hand as if there never had been a cut. Then Athena slid the dagger blade across her own hand making a small cut that did not stop like Helena’s cut had. Athena reached over picked up a tissue and covered the cut on her hand. Then she closed her eyes and used her mind to heal the cut explaining to Helena what she was doing to heal the cut on her hand.
“You see I don’t heal like that. You do but I have to use my mind to heal myself. In other words I have to tell my body to heal where as your body just does it. So as for getting old like the woman at your temple I don’t think so. You will age but not fast. But why worry. It’s not how long we live but what we do with our lives that matters” said Athena.
“Do you think Diana can do what I do” asked Helena.
“Well we know she astral travels like you do. But she has less Sirian blood in her than you do so I don’t know” answered Athena.
Helena smiled weakly and turned and looked at Diana who was now sitting on the floor playing pat a cake with the twins.
“I am glad that she is young and does not understand” said Helena.
“Remember its not how long you live but what you do with your life. But there is a trap with living so long. We Sirian’s tend to think things over for a long time before we do anything. That can be a problem” laughed Athena. “But as I said it’s not living long that matters but what you do with your life”.
Helena laughed weakly “And right now I want to cook dinner with Rabbo and then make love all night with you and Merwyn”. Helena looked at the children. “Maybe we should get someone to watch the children as I am feeling umm”
“Me too but I think you should have Merwyn as you two are working on making a baby” giggled Athena.
“You could join us” said Helena as she stepped close and kissed Athena passionately.
“No I will cook dinner with Rabbo and I will ask Bastet if she can watch the children” replied Athena.
Athena grabbed Helena’s hand and led her out of the living into the kitchen were Merwyn Rabbo and Bastet were still talking about Rabbo’s jump ahead to the future and how it could be repeated and made useful.
“Oh hello” said Merwyn looking at the giggling Helena and Athena.
“Looks like you are in for it Merwyn” snicker Bastet.
“Just with Helena” said Athena. “I am going to cook dinner with Rabbo”.
“You can join us Bastet if you want” said Helena giggled and making a grab for Bastet.
“Thank you but no. maybe you and Athena later but not with Merwyn. As much as I love him that’s not something I am willing to do” replied Bastet smiling. “I will watch the hellions while Athena and Rabbo cook dinner and you and Merwyn go off and do what you clearly want to do and very clearly need”.
Helena dragged the willing Merwyn off and headed upstairs to have fun with Merwyn. As she dragged him upstairs she attempted to pull her long toga off but was hampered by still holding Merwyn's hand.
Athena turned to Bastet and looked at her wondering if they could have some alone time and if the children could fend for themselves for a while. But she thought better of it as it was clear that Wenna and Merryn might be planning something. Beside dinner time was no more than two hours away and the children had gotten use to eating at the same time every day and if they did not they would get cranky and moody and start getting very loud and noisy. And that was never good as it could be hard to get them ready for bed later.
Bastet walked over to the children asked them to line up by the kitchen back door and she then helped them dress up in warm winter cloths so that she could take them outside to play.
Bastet put on Athena’s winter cloak opened the door and the children followed her outside into the cold afternoon air.
Rabbo hopped over and looked up at Athena. He stood up on his hind legs stepped back a few steps so that he could get a better view.
“Ok what are we cooking for dinner” asked Rabbo.
“What do you want to cook for dinner? We have lots of different kinds of meat. So take your pick” said Athena.
“Well what meats do we have” asked Rabbo.
“We have beef, pork, goat, lamb and venison. Take your pick? But lets start soon as some might take a while to cook” said Athena.
“What do you think we should have” asked Rabbo.
“I don’t know that’s why I am letting you pick”
“Well if I had my way it would be spinach cheese dandelion leaves and grass. But as Merwyn, you Helena Bastet and the children would not like that I will have to cook something won’t I” laughed Rabbo.
“Make up you mind will you rabbit” said Athena getting a little impatient.
“Never hurry the cook” said Rabbo trying to keep a straight face. “If you hurry the cook you get burnt food”.
“It’s not the burnt food I am worried about. It’s the hungry girls that I am worried about”
“How about pork pie? I read a recipe for that yesterday and I think I can make the crust and then all I have to do is chop the pork and put it in the range to cook” said Rabbo thoughtfully.
Rabbo put on his gloves that Merwyn had given him and he started making the crust. After he had put the in the pie dish he set to work making a lid crust that would go on top of the pork once it was in the lower crust.
After that was done he started to chop the pork in to small chucks that he would place in the pie dish onto of the lower crust.
The whole time Athena sat on the counter top watching him with her legs hanging over and swinging back and forth banging on the door to the cabinet.
As Rabbo placed the chopped pork into the lower pie crust he looked over at Athena and noticed that her whole body posture made her look a lot younger than she was. In fact she looked a lot younger than Helena.
Rabbo giggled to himself as he placed the top crust over the pork and started to pinch the crust together. He took of his gloves and got down off his chair. He hopped over to the cold storage room and poured a small jug of milk returned hopped back up on his chair being careful not to spill any of the milk. Then he got out a little brush and dipped the brush in the milk and painted the milk onto the crust before he placed the finished pie in the range to cook.
Rabbo poured the rest of the milk into a small cup and drunk the milk down before he looked at Athena.
“Ok now what vegetables are we having” asked Athena.
Rabbo hopped back down off his chair and headed to the cold storage room and came back with carrots, cabbage, parsnips and cauliflower.
He placed the vegetables on the counter and then went back to the cold storage room and returned with milk and a hard yellow cheese that Merwyn liked.
Rabbo poured a pan full of milk and put it on a slow heat while he grated the cheese.
Once the milk was simmering he poured the cheese in and started to mix bringing the milk up almost to the boil so that the cheese would melt in. once the cheese was melted in he put the whole mix on the lowest heat he could and then he started to chop the vegetables.
As Rabbo cooked the cheese sauce and chopped the vegetable Athena got busy making her own pie crust and filled it with fruit preserves. Instead of placing a crust over the top she made stripes and made a fishing net pattern over the top of the fruit preserve. Then she placed that in the range above Rabbo’s pork pie.
“Ok now what do we do” asked Athena.
“Well I have to keep stirring the cheese sauce that that it does not get lumpy or burn. You could wash the dishes while we wait for everything to cook” said Rabbo trying not to sound bossy.
“Let’s leave the dishes for Merwyn Helena and Bastet to clean as we don’t do the dishes as we cooked” said Athena.
“It would be nice if we did the dishes we made dirty that way they won’t have to many to do after dinner and we can all relax sooner and together” said Rabbo as he pushed his chair over to the sink.
“Ok I guess” said Athena inhaling and helping Rabbo wash the dishes that they had made dirty.
As the last of the dishes were being put away Bastet and the children came in from outside and headed straight to the fire to warm up.
“Mmm something smells really good” said Bastet.
As Rabbo explained what he had cooked from the range as he was busy stirring the cheese sauce Merwyn and Helena came down the stairs talking.
Dinner was well past and the children were in bed a sleep and Rabbo, Merwyn, Athena, Bastet and Helena sat in the living room sipping on wine and talking.
Rabbo had been deep in thought after all the complements about his pork pie and cheese sauce. But not about cooking. He was thinking hard again about his dream and that somehow he had been in two places at once and that he had gone far ahead in time.
Rabbo looked over at Bastet who was snuggled next to Athena. “Bastet” said Rabbo. “Yes dear bunny” said Bastet as she still sipped on her first goblet of wine.
“I have been thinking about my jump forward in time. What I was thinking about was that I was here and there at the same time. So it had to be a dream and not a jump. You think that’s right” asked Rabbo with his brow knitted.
“I am not sure. We do know that what you saw was the future but you have a very valid point. After all if you had jumped ahead your body would not have been on the bed for Athena to wake up” said Bastet thoughtfully.
“That’s what I mean and that’s been puzzling me” said Rabbo. “So was it just a dream or was it something more”?
“I think it was something far more than just a dream Rabbo” said Bastet.
“I agree” said Merwyn as Helena nibbled on his neck.
“If it was more than just a dream then what am I to learn from it” asked Rabbo.
“One of the things about astral travel is that you can navigate future possibilities. But there are so many variables that it makes it unreliable. As it was state earlier we know the end result but not how you got there. Or come to that any part of the middle. So while traveling forward seems useful it’s the part in the middle that is missing. We don’t know how it got to the state it did. And without that middle part it’s a nice thing to do but useless without that information of how or what” said Merwyn
“So in other words it’s the part in the middle that is useful” asked Rabbo.
“Yes and no. it’s more the whole thing that is useful. But to see the whole thing you would have to spend your whole life in the astral travel mode. And that would not be good productive or healthy as you would have to eat somehow. So it would be hard or impossible to do” said Merwyn.
“So in other words my dream of the future was nice but not useful” said Rabbo.
“I would not say unless as we know what this area will look like in the future and we know that this house and we are not in that area. Now if you had seen us that could be useful. The question is that while you did not see us are we still around and how have the people of this planet changed. Is there anything left of us in their genes” said Merwyn removing Helena’s hand from his stomach.
“I don’t know. All I do know is that the rabbits still have their own language and that they remember me. That’s kind of nice” said Rabbo sipping on his small goblet of wine.
“Well that’s something of us left behind” said Athena as she slipped her hand down the back of Bastet’s toga.
“What if I have another dream like the one last night” said Rabbo.
“If you do we will do the same thing we did this morning and enter your mind and see what we can learn from it. That is if you do. But I would not hold my breath if I were you because sometimes these things happen once in a long while or if at all ever again” said Merwyn reaching over to refill his and Helena’s goblets.
“If you do dream like that again Rabbo see if you can find out if the people have any abilities” said Bastet.
“Why” asked Rabbo.
“Because it would tell us if our genes have mixed with the people of this planet” answered Bastet.
“That’s a good point” said Merwyn. “Plus if you do have a future dream again Rabbo and I am not holding my breath. Look around and see if you can see or find us. But I have a feeling you won’t be able. The reason is I think but I am not sure that we might be blocked from you because you would be with us”.
“What makes you think that I would be still alive in the time frame you are talking about” said Rabbo.
“It’s more of a gut feeling really. Beside if we are still around we might have moved away from this area a long time ago umm later umm” said Merwyn getting a little confused. “You know Bastet you are right about when you talk about the future. It is very hard to use the right words”.
Helena leaned in closer to Merwyn and started to whisper in his ear.
Merwyn turned looked at her kissed her on the nose and then turned looked at Athena who was now resting her head in Bastet’s lap.
Merwyn pushed Helena out of his lap and stood up. He turned and looked at Rabbo “I think its time that we went to bed and left Athena and Bastet alone as its clear to me that they are not far from making a public show of their love”.
Helena giggles “I am not far from that point myself. Let’s go upstairs and work on our baby”.
Rabbo slipped off of his chair and hopped out of the living room followed by Merwyn and Helena.
Rabbo hopped up onto Athena’s bed and laid thinking about his dream from the night before. He wondered if he would have another dream and now that he knew it was a dream would he be scared again. He was not sure if he did want another future dream or if it was a good idea to try and have a future dream. But still it could be useful to know the end result of what was happening with Ra and the people on the fourth planet.
To Rabbo it seemed important to know these facts and that his future dream had happened for a reason and if he could control it the next time it happened it would be very useful despite what Merwyn, Athena and Bastet thought.
Merwyn had given him a clue when Merwyn had talked about all the possibilities that could happen with astral travel. There had been hints that Merwyn knew far more than he was letting on. But what did the hints really mean to the future?
Rabbo laid on Athena’s bed trying to figure out what it all meant.
It was getting harder and harder for Rabbo to keep his eyes open and he so wanted to work out what if anything if he had an ability to dream forward in time. And if he did what could he do with it that would be useful?
“If I close my eyes for a moment I will feel more awake” Rabbo thought to himself.
After a few moments Rabbo opened his eyes and saw that he was sitting on the edge of a forest and in front of him was a huge meadow with a large cottage sitting towards one end.
In front of the cottage were two rabbits sitting on a lawn eating the grass and in front of the cottage was a large vegetable garden. On the east side of the cottage was a large fences off area with five large cattle of a kind Rabbo had never seen plus some wool animals that were also eating the grass. At the end of the garden the land dropped off a little and a small stream with a wooden planked bridge led to the meadow that was between the cottage and the forest.
The cattle hard long red coats with huge long horns. The cattle were grouped together eating long fresh meadow grass and seemed very well fed. The wool animals had thick heavy coats that were an off white.
Rabbo could see smoke coming from the chimney so he hopped out from under the edge of the forest and headed straight towards the two rabbits that were sitting on the grass eating.
One of the rabbits lifted up on its hind leg and thumped the ground a few times and then watched as Rabbo hopped across the meadow towards the bridge leading to the cottage.
As Rabbo got close he smelt spring in the air and freshly fallen rain that made the grass wet and his fur.
“Hello grandpa” said the rabbit looking at Rabbo and cocking its head to one side with a confused look on its face.
Rabbo looked at the rabbit and knew that he knew the rabbit but could not place it. He learned closer and sniffed.
“Hmmm female and I know her. This is a future dream”. Rabbo thought to himself.
“Grandpa you just went in the house. How did you come from the woods” said the female rabbit.
Rabbo looked closer “soft eyes”?
“Grandpa stop playing games” said soft eyes.
Soft eyes looked back at the cottage and then at Rabbo still with a confused look on her face. Then suddenly the confused look went away and soft eyes sat up on her legs and went to push Rabbo. But her paw pasted though Rabbo.
“Oh” said soft eyes. “You told me about your future dreams. And you told me that you can’t enter the cottage while you are here” soft eyes turned to the other rabbit “Tell Merwyn that Rabbo is here in dream form and tell grandpa he has to stay in the house. He will know why if you remind him about his future dreams”.
“So when is this time” asked Rabbo.
“It is what they call 390 AD. There is much I could tell you but that would take longer than you can stay a sleep. But when you wake you will know the answers to the questions you are about to ask. And you will be able to tell Merwyn what he needs to know”.
Just then Merwyn came walking out of the cottage and headed straight to Rabbo and sat down in front of him.
“Which dream is this? I mean number wise” asked Merwyn.
“This is my second future dream” said Rabbo.
Merwyn thought a moment “ok this is what you tell me. The rules of future dream travel are. You can’t see yourself or you will go crazy. You can only tell what you see and can’t tell what leads up to the point that you arrive at the time in dream travel. You can’t change what will happen. Yes you can make a paradox that is why I am giving you the rules. And yes we are still here” Merwyn paused and thought for a second. “Now I am going to break one of the rules for a reason to fix a paradox. Athena must change her name when we move to this new land. Now you tell me and only me the next part. You do not tell Athena Bastet or Helena. You tell no one apart from me. Athena will fall for a man that will break her heart. I will see that he is bad for her but I must let them have their children. I know this because I told you to tell me. I have to be warned not to let Bastet try and kill him when he beats Athena. Because he will kill Bastet otherwise. Ok you will remember all that. Now before you get woken up I need to make a shield in your mind so that when we link minds with you we won’t see what I have just told you which is for me alone. Now hold still while I do that”.
Rabbo felt a feeling like hundreds of little fingers in his head pushing and pulling this way and that way. Then the feeling stopped.
“You feeling ok” asked Merwyn.
“Yes I am fine now” said Rabbo.
“So I am still alive” said Rabbo.
“Very much so” laughed Merwyn. “As Athena and Bastet both are”.
“Oh good. How many years have pasted since the time I am in and the time you are in” asked Rabbo.
“Well over one thousand year have passed Rabbo. And yes you have aged not much but you have aged” said Merwyn smiling.
Rabbo looked closer at Merwyn and noticed a few gray hairs but other than that he looked the same as he had when Rabbo had seen him as Helena he had gone upstairs.
“Why does the man Athena falls in love with beat her. And beat he in what why” asked Rabbo worried that someone would hurt Athena.
“I can’t tell you that” said Merwyn. “There will be things I can’t tell you sometimes when you dream travel to the future. But I can tell you that when needed you can become solid and you do have all the abilities that you have when you are awake. Plus you can do a few things in your current state that you can’t do when you are awake”.
“Where is this place? It’s so green and lush and beautiful” asked Rabbo looking around.
“The locals call it Britannia” smiled Merwyn “and we are them and they are us”
“I don’t understand” said Rabbo.
“I will and so will Morg I mean Athena and Bastet” smiled Merwyn.
“Oh ok” said Rabbo looking at soft eyes. “Did Athena transform soft eyes”?
“Yes and no” answered Merwyn. “She is what is called a clone. The reason for soft eyes will become clear. But I think you are about to be woken up. Now no word of this until the morning. Do I make myself clear”!
Sudden Rabbo felt a hand on his back and the feeling of being pushed to one side.
Rabbo opened his eyes and Bastet was gentle pushing him to the side as she got into Athena’s bed. Athena was trying to pull Bastet on top of her and giggling at the same time.
“Shhh you will wake him” said Bastet softly.
“You already did” said Rabbo as he moved to make room on the bed for Bastet and Athena.
Rabbo hopped off the bed over to the window sill and jumped up on his cushion and lay back down to sleep.
Rabbo awoke to gentle snoring coming from Athena’s bed. Snuggled together in an untidy heap were Athena and Bastet.
The sun light was pouring in though a crack in the curtains and hitting Rabbo right in the eyes. So he slipped down off the window sill and hopped down the hallway to the bathroom.
Helena was already in the bathroom taking her morning shower.
Something Helena had learned very quickly was to shower when ever she got the chance as she loved the advanced plumbing that Merwyn had in the house.
While the people of Athens bathed often the water would often times be cold or warm as it took lots of work to heat the water. But having what seemed an unlimited supply of hot water was something that Helena enjoyed and found hard to believe.
“Morning Rabbo” said Helena as she stepped out of the shower.
“Morning Helena said Rabbo as he hopped up on the counter to brush his teeth.
“Did you sleep well” asked Helena as she too brushed her teeth.
“Umm kind of” answered Rabbo though a mouth full of tooth paste.
“Kind of” asked Helena also though a mouthful of tooth paste.
“I will explain when we are done here” said Rabbo spitting out some of the tooth paste foam.
“Look just because I am not as intelligent as you Merwyn Athena or Bastet does not mean I am stupid” said Helena sweetly.
“No no I did not mean it like that Helena. I am not trying to brush you off. It’s just had to talk with a mouthful of tooth paste” said Rabbo.
“No need to foam at the mouth” giggled Helena “you look like you are rabid. Rabid Rabbo”.
Rabbo looked in the mirror and saw what Helena meant that he did look like he was foaming at the mouth so he started to laugh.
Merwyn came walking in wearing his long robe and moved up behind Helena.
“Oh morning Rabbo. Did you sleep well” asked Merwyn.
“He’s not answering that question so I am assuming that he had an umm what do you call it” said Helena.
“Future dream travel? To be honest we have not made up our minds on what to call it” said Merwyn looking at Rabbo. “But I have the feeling that what ever we call it won’t really cover what it really is”?
Rabbo nodded as he washed his mouth out and spat out the last of the tooth paste.
Helena turned and kissed Merwyn and pulled back. “Yuck morning breath. Until I came here I never thought that mouth hygiene was that important”.
Merwyn laughed and looked at Rabbo and winked.
Helena left the bathroom to take on the children so Merwyn turned and looked at Rabbo.
“Another dream of the future” asked Merwyn.
“Yes but I want breakfast first” answered Rabbo.
“And I need to shower and wake up first too. See you at the breakfast table Rabbo”.

Rabbo sat at the breakfast table with Helena, Diana, Wenna and Merryn when Merwyn came walking down the stairs.
Rabbo’s mother, mischief, and the rabbit kittens sat around them looking up and diving on little bits of porridge that the children would drop.
Merwyn went over to the range and filled a bowl with porridge and sat down next to Helena.
“So” said Merwyn looking at Rabbo.
“Yes I did have a future dream and you gave me rules that I need to follow when I dream travel into the future” said Rabbo.
Rabbo explained to Merwyn and Helena the rules and what his future dream had been about. But when he came to the part that was for Merwyn only Rabbo found that he could not talk.
Merwyn looked at him and then said on Rabbo’s private telepathic mode “Rabbo you ok or is there something blocking you from speaking”.
“You are or you will be. You planted something in my head that stops me from talking about a certain part of what you told me” said Rabbo on the same mode and very worried.
“Tell me again what the area looked like” asked Helena “it sounds so green and beautiful”.
Rabbo found that he could talk without any problems about what the cottage looked like and the cattle and the wooly animals and that soft eyes was there. He went on about how big the garden looked but there was nothing growing yet and that the cattle looked well fed and fat. Plus that he could smell that it had rained and that the trees were unlike anything he had seen. He also explained that the other rabbit had gone and got Merwyn and that he must be able to speak human and that maybe soft eyes could speak human too but he never heard her say anything to Merwyn. Rabbo went on and on until he noticed that his porridge was cold.
As Rabbo finished talking about the area and what he had seen and what he thought Bastet came walking down the stairs.
Bastet helped herself to porridge looked at Merwyn shook her head and turned to Rabbo. “I hope we did not wake you too much Rabbo” said Bastet apologetically.
“No just the once” said Rabbo.
“Yes and when he was dream traveling to the future” said Helena.
“Oh my I am so sorry” said Bastet.
“That’s ok. For some reason Merwyn knew that you were about to wake me anyway. All I got was some rules for dream traveling to the future” said Rabbo.
Bastet looked at Rabbo and was about to ask him to repeat what he had told Helena and Merwyn but Bastet was interrupted by Athena skipping down the stairs.
Once Athena had been told about Rabbo’s dream travel to the future Rabbo had to explain again in detail what he had seen what he had been told and how things felt and smelt?
Athena and Bastet had their own set of questions as well new ones from Merwyn and Helena.
By the time Rabbo had finished he was so thirty that Helena mixed up one of her herbal recipes to help his throat.
It was mid morning before Rabbo and Merwyn were alone. And to make sure no one was listening from behind closed doors Merwyn and Rabbo went into the library and sat down to talk.
Merwyn turned to the computer and pulled out a microphone and put it between himself and Rabbo. “I want to record this so that I can review it later” said Merwyn.
Merwyn turned to the keyboard typed in something and then turned and looked at Rabbo. “Ok now clearly I put some kind of password in your head as well as some kind of shield. So let’s have a look in that head of yours and see what we can learn. This may hurt a little”
Rabbo felt the same pushing and pulling feeling that he had felt in his dream travel to the future but this time he was ready for it. Suddenly Rabbo could not shut up talking even if he had wanted to. The message itself took less than thirty seconds but it left Rabbo feeling as if he had talk an hour. Thankfully when Rabbo was done he felt so much better as if something had been lifted off his back.
Merwyn sat looking at Rabbo thoughtfully. “Can you tell me what you just said?” asked Merwyn.
Rabbo thought for a second and could not recall a single word of the message so he just shook his head and looked at Merwyn in surprise.

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