Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zander's Dance

Singing a plaintive song
Zander does his daily dance
Around my favored shins,
Rubbing first one way
And then another,

Then up
Against the chairs,
Lamp, bookcase, table leg,
Circling clockwise,
Then reversing,

Peering up intently
As if to say
The most important things,
But never managing
More than mews.

I think he wonders
Why I do not understand,
Don’t catch his drift,
Especially since presented
With such eloquence in motion.

Not one prone to rudeness
Naturally I nod my head,
Make friendly sounds,
Stroke his softest
Of imaginable furs,

But clearly never quite
Comprehend, so he
Does the same dance
Every day, never satisfied,
But never giving up on me.

© 2012 John I. Blair

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