Friday, November 1, 2013

Angel Whispers

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating in the USA. We all have so much to be thankful for whether we are in the states or not. Taking the time reflects and to be grateful is a way of letting the Universe we feel their presence….

As we go into our holiday season lets go in with the thoughts of being with our families and spending time with them.. Healing the hurts and enjoying each others company.

Nothing better than food, family, and lots of laughter… some don’t have this so maybe include someone who can appreciate the closeness of family. It could be a friend a coworker, member of a community group or your church or temple.

My book, Living in the Heart Place with Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers Throughout the Year is the perfect book for those who may find comfort in getting to know their angels for guidance and assistance.. You can find the book on The book comes in paperback or in a Kindle version. Link to my book at Amazon

Sharing some poems inspired by my angels:

Angelical Whisperings

By Peg Jones 
The angels are whispering, guiding me today
Helping me to live each day, never, going astray.
Thank you dear Angels, for helping on days that are blue,
I feel your presence in all that you do.

We are here for you’re my child, to guide you on your way.
Ask Michael for protection, to keep away the fray.
When you feel a need for healing, know Raphael is near;
He can help you to feel better and not feel the fear.

Always know we are here for you, listening to you plea
It’s hard to be positive, when not feeling free.
Please don’t be afraid, my dear, to ask for some attention
For there can be days in life,you know,
When feeling a lot of tension.

Our messages to you, my child, are always so clear,
The peace and clarity, you feel, will take away the fear.
The words of wisdom, we whisper, come from the light,
Know that God is with you, he loves you with all his might.

The words, I have heard today, have made an impression,
I thank you for your wisdom and the many suggestions.
Yes the angels are all around me, for I see their light.
Thank you for your assistance and I will now say good night.
©Copyright 2008 Peg Jones

Praise of Thanks

By Peg Jones 
Thank you, dear Lord, from heaven above,
Knowing you’re with me, sending your love.
The peace that I feel tonight, is a gift from you
Thank you, dear Lord, for all that you do.
Thank you, dear Lord, for guiding me each day
For being so patient and showing me the way.
I hear your quiet voice, even when I am tired
Always listening intently, for you are to be admired.
When life gets difficult, and is hard swallow.
I pray to you, dear Lord, for I don’t want to wallow
I want to get on with life and try to make it the best.
Never looking back, for I shall live with much zest.
Thank you, dear Lord, your presence is felt
Helping me to know, that I can handle, all that is dealt.
Your love is always present, and your love is here to stay
For the goodness of your nature, is definitely the way.

©Copyright 2008 Peg Jones

Click on Peg Jones for bio and list of other works published by Pencil Stubs Online.

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