Friday, November 1, 2013

Chemo Effects

This poem goes out for those who have a battle every day when
they go to have Chemo treatments. It's not easy and it can make
your life miserable. It truly is a battle for your life.
Lightning surges throughout my body I feel
Can't even keep down my last meal
Red marks appearing on my leg
So dizzy I am like a limp rag

I just feel so weak
Hot flashes up and down my cheek
Just when I think I'll be fine
My body feels like I've had too much wine

I stand up, and then I fall
That floor is as hard as a brick wall
My body is not strong enough to stay standing
So I hope when I fall I have a good landing

On the floor my hair is falling
I hear the other side is calling
I'm not ready, I'm going to fight
Dear God help me with your light

Nothing feels right, I feel really sick
Throwing up and I can't stop it
Now you know what effects Chemo has on you
It's something I wouldn't want anyone to go through
©Oct 23, 2013 Bud Lemire
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