Friday, November 1, 2013

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Love Never Fails

As you know I am in a chorus, and it isn't the Mormon tabernacle choir, just a group of 50 women or less. I have been in that since I moved out here in Oregon, 2006. People come and go for various reasons, so there is an ebb and flow of beautiful energy always. Some people have a special little spot in my heart and soul. We tend to connect with a bond that I know we have known them from our former lives .

Two years ago on Halloween, my dear friend Carolyn, that I nicknamed Corky, passed away suddenly. She was only 58 years old. She came to me in dream, the next day, with red hair, big teeth, and said , "You can call me, Pumpkin Head", and then she laughed that unique belly laugh that was always contagious. Well, this Halloween, my other dear soul friend, Louella, got the news that they cannot do anymore for her Cancer. That she should get herself into Hospice. She has. I believe in miracles, and I don't like to see people give in to the sickness 5 minutes before the miracle. We are all still sending healing and prayers. Her spirit is beautiful. She, Louella, and Corky were friends as well, so I am sure Corky will be meeting her when Louella passes.. Of course I am always waiting for the miracle.

Our loved ones are dear to us, and if we can possibly do things with our loved ones, do so. Corky and I had been singing, and on break Louella borrowed money from Corky for lunch. I didn't know this at the time. Now Corky had enough for lunch, and she said out loud, "I have enough money for lunch, but not enough for some fresh cut flowers. I just love fresh cut flowers."
I said, "well you can borrow some money from me."
She objected, but then said, "ok. I will pay you Thursday, or when I come to see you this weekend."
She got her beautiful bouquet of smashing colors. We had walked back to where our cars were parked, and she continually admired the beauty of the flowers. Thursday night is rehearsal night, and she never showed up. I called Saturday, and her daughter who came to see her, found her on the bathroom floor. A blood clot took her away. I think about the flowers and her delight, and it was a miracle. I prefer giving flowers to folks in real time, then wait after they pass. She had more enjoyment over those flowers than anything else I could have gotten her. It ended up being a gift, a treasure, to both her and to myself.

Please treasure your friends and family. I know we will see each other again, but those quiet talks, those uncontrollable fits of laughter, those times of quiet contemplation, the sharing of each other’s energy is always a plus.

Love never fails.
Judith, aka Featherwind

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