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By The Numbers


November, a 17/8 Universal Month, can be a fortunate and beneficial time. The month can be a time of good fortune, and the energy of the month can be used to create benefits from actions. Following the meditative 7 energy of October, it is time to move forward towards accomplishment and gain. This is month during which a need to unify and work together can be paramount. Using our gifts of spirit and exercising the exchange of giving and receiving will go a long way towards smoothing out troubled waters and creating a better sense of brotherhood. This is a month for re-evaluation and consideration of the elements of power and authority. The time is favorable for purposeful, directed activity and we must remember that positive thought = positive actions/results.

In the world of business, November can be a time during which business and public affairs turn profitable. The promise of a better and brighter day is upon us. Opportunities exist for commercial growth and expansion with plans being put into action that create an environment that can breed success. The energy of the 8 can be very good for business, money, finances and possibly business mergers. Good business decisions can result in progress and profitability and an improvement in business and financial matters. The 8 represents (among other things) the law of return and the law of attraction. That which is put forth during November will bring a return of like energy and vibration. The time is ripe for the proper use of talents that may result in money, gifts, advancements, promotions and assistance being the rewards. It is very important to remember that what is put out will be returned (being it either positive or negative) so being truthful, forthright and honest will result in good things happening.

On the negative side of the 17/8 if caution is not exercised, disruptions of projects and enterprises can happen. There could be an increase in bankruptcies due to financial chicanery or mismanagement and there could be an increase in legal actions due to improper business or financial activities. This is also a month in which there is an uptick in crime as the negative 8 can very much be a criminal mindset. With the recent disruptions in government and the resulting ripple effects, caution must be taken that actions taken during the month of November are positive with the goal of betterment and improvement in all aspects of life. As we enter the final months of the Universal 6 Year of 2013, it must be remembered that responsibility and service to others, in actions that benefit the greater good, are essential components of our existence.

Be certain that you, the individual, do your part to create a better world for everyone (and yourself). I wish everyone the very best in all your endeavors.

Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro


One of very first things I recognized when I was initially introduced to Numerology in 1984, was the powerful accuracy of this ancient esoteric science. I was deeply impressed by the depth and insights that could be provided by an accurate numerological profile. As I pursued my study and use of this modality, I came to realize that this relatively unknown science could be of great benefit in many facets of everyday life. Whether being used for greater self-understanding, greater understanding of those in our lives, or better understanding of our inter-personal relationships, Numerology has something to offer in a simple and easy-to- understand fashion. Something that can go a long way towards helping people in their everyday lives. More importantly (and this is something I have been advocating for many years), Numerology could become a powerful tool in the educational system.
I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with thousands of clients throughout the years and it is gratifying to watch someone gain the understanding and acceptance of themselves through the use of Numerology. One of the goals of my work has always been to assist in an individual's growth. Numerology can pinpoint talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, lessons and challenges and it is the combination of these facets that collectively creates the understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, the taking of responsibility by the individual. One of the other goals of my work is to introduce Numerology into the mainstream in such a way that it does not lose its integrity. In the world of education, this could be invaluable. Imagine if the schools to which we send our children, were also able to pinpoint these attributes in the students and then work accordingly to better understand, and by extension, educate them more effectively.

I have always found it ironic that schools embrace the teachings of Pythagoras (generally considered to be the 'father of Numerology') through mathematics (who doesn't remember learning the Pythagorean theory in geometry?), music and in many ways, the structure of school, yet they totally discount his work with numbers in the form of Numerology. And, in my opinion, they are missing out on a golden opportunity to better understand and help their students. It is my understanding that the Myers/Briggs test is often used to evaluate students. While that is good in that it provides a personality type and some level of insight into who they are, Numerology, on the other hand, not only provides the type, it can also explain the 'whys' of behavior. And, once one understands the 'why', they can work more effectively in teaching and helping. Throughout the years, I have had numerous occasions in which I was able to inform a parent of the potential of what is considered ADD/ADHD behavior in their child. I have gone so far as to tell them to expect to hear from their child's school that their child has one of these 'conditions'. This statement was always confirmed as having already happened. I can see the ADD behavior in a preponderance of 5 energy in a child. Too much 5 energy will create an extremely curious, restless, and easily bored child. This is a child with a quick mind who picks things up quickly. Considering that a lesson is begun on Monday and finished on Friday, what does one expect of a child who 'gets it' in the first couple of days? The child will begin to drift and look for other things to occupy his mind, and many times this can lead to the child becoming a distraction as he attempts to amuse himself. In my opinion, rather than punishing this child, or labeling him or her and then prescribing medication, might not that child be better served through engaging in a curriculum that satiates his curiosity? Might not that child be better served if attention were paid to his or her particular interests and desires? I feel that all too often, the easy path of medicating and isolating these children is detrimental in a way that needn't be. Through the use of Numerology, this child could be properly identified and treated accordingly. The active and curious child could be provided activities and studies that keep him engaged and interested in his education.
In other instances, I have identified the person who comes out of an alcoholic or addictive family environment (this can be accomplished through the Challenge portion of Numerology). In the case of the addiction scenario, the 7 Challenge is the indicator of not only coming from that home life, it can also be a strong indicator of the possibility of that child falling into addictive behavior. It is rare that the child of an alcoholic begins to act up until they reach their teen years, at which point it might be difficult to overcome the behavioral issues. Just imagine if little Johnny could be identified as having an extremely high probability of coming from the addictive home. Efforts could then be taken immediately upon his entering the educational system to circumvent and overcome the impending behavior.

Other conditions that can be identified through the Challenge numbers are:
    trouble with authority (1);
    impatience and lack of tolerance or sensitivity to others (2);
    issues of self-expression or self-esteem (3);
    control issues and the possibility of a physical reaction towards others (4);
    sexual abuse/molestation or a tendency towards overindulging in pleasures of the senses (5);
    coming from a broken home or a home in which other forms of abuse take place, e.g. verbal, physical, emotional, etc (6);
    or, a home in which anger and rage are a strong part of the dynamic (8).

With recognition of these conditions as soon as possible, then educators and school counselors (as well as parents) could more effectively work with students with the goal being one of the ability to assist in overcoming these conditions in a way that creates long-term benefits to the child. There are other portions of a numerological profile that can also assist in the realm of teaching a child. Strong talents and abilities can be emphasized and encouraged. Weaknesses in areas of characteristics and personality could be strengthened because focus could be placed upon these particular areas with the goal of improvement. The creative child could be encouraged to use their creativity. The curious child could be encouraged to use his curiosity in a positive manner. The deep-thinker could be encouraged to use his intellect to further his education in different facets of their schooling. The bully could be taught to be compassionate, tolerant and sensitive to others. The aggressive child could be taught to channel that aggressiveness into something positive such as athletics. The list of potential positives that can be gained is extensive and the benefits to the child and to society as a whole, are numerous.

I realize that our current educational system has many problems, none of which can be easily solved. Yet, if molding young children into productive and active members of society is an ultimate goal, then anything that can assist in that pursuit should be given consideration. I strongly advocate for Numerology to be given a long and detailed look as a one way to accomplish those goals. If you doubt the veracity of my claim, I encourage you to see for yourself, either through a private session with me, or by scheduling me to come speak to your group or organization about Numerology. The proof is in the demonstration!
You know your name(s)...look up your numbers!
Let your numbers be your guide.
© 2013, Michael John Fierro
Michael John Fierro is a Numerologist, Life Coach, and Author of "YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS." He has been working with numerology since 1984 and is available for private sessions, lectures, and more.
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