Sunday, March 1, 2015

Editor's Corner

March 2015

This editor likes to begin with a quote, but since Mattie Lennon devoted his column for March to 'famous last words' you can choose one of those for yourself. As usual, Mattie manages to get some of his Irish friskiness into the "Irish Eyes" column.

 And he managed not to mention Saint Patrick's Day.

This is the month for that celebration and yours truly shall indulge in a few Irish treats. Another treat is having Andrea Heisler (granddaughter of the late Leo Helmer) back with a tasty but simple to do recipe in "Cookin' With Andrea." Along with the columns you will find "Nursery Rhymes can be disturbing" an article by your editor's great granddaughter Bethany Davies.

New columnist Nancy Park changed her column name from "Park's Place" to "Mind, Body & Spirit Connection." She finds the synchronicities in life both interesting and puzzling, but always intriguing. Judith Kroll aka Featherwind's column "On Trek" recalls the birth of her first child in "Miracle of Children." Thomas F. O'Neill ("Introspective") tells details concerning China's one year ban on the import of Ivory carvings.

John I. Blair's column "Always Looking - People Who Made A Difference XXVII" focuses on Edward Everett Hale, author of "Man Without A Country." Blair's poetry contributions this issue are "Friendly" and "If Life Were Simple."

Bud Lemire shows six poems this month: "Universal Light," "I Got A Call From Me," "The Meaning of 'I Love You'," "Messages in My Chair," "From A Different Place," and "Read Her A Book." Bruce Clifford's two poems are "She," and "These Are The Moments."

Kudos to Mike Craner whose expertise and patience allows this little ezine to present over 400 different authors over the last seventeen years, bringing their compositions of story, poetry, articles, and ongoing columns.

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