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Nancy's Mind Ramblings ~ Tuning in to "Synchronicity" ~the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

A "wink" from the Cosmos

         I believe their are times in our lives, recognized or not, when the Universe comes into line with what we are needing in that exact moment. Recognizing these opportunities is something of a skill you may need to hone. Many of us may call these things "coincidences", we often judge them as fiascos, tragedies, insurmountable obstacles, a view that can block opportunities for us to see them more as welcomed, albeit unforseen blessings, we are taught or encouraged (or discouraged) from these things having any meaningful cause. These occurrences can often open doors for us to perhaps understand whats going in our lives, even perhaps in answer to our inner questioning of what to do next, or why do I find myself where I am, or what do I do now?
The blessing of unforseen opportunity: finding the hidden gem~

          You're cruising along in your career, making well planned, careful choices, always with an eye to some specific goal or future. You've worked hard, sacrificed, taken great pride in being dependable, reliable, your a dedicated employee for your entire career. Then your company begins to experience business lulls, things do not improve and so makes staff cuts. You go into work, they inform you your job has been eliminated. Boom. You find yourself reeling from this situation, you'd done all the right things, taken every opportunity to better yourself and here you are. You realize the position you'd held, worked your way up to, studied and sacrificed for, is now up for grabs to some younger, eager employee who will be paid far less. There it is. It's then you realize your lifestyle, your future dreams, all you'd planed so carefully for, just got pulled out from under you. Your at a loss as to what to do now. Surely a dilemma many can relate to. You begin to be affected by low self esteem, perhaps resentment and anger creep in, further lowering your energies, your sleepless, stressed, and in a financial spiral not of your own making. So what now?

         You've had this hobby you always enjoyed, on your off hours. Something that you really felt connected to. To ease the stress of losing your job, you find yourself spending more time doing what you enjoy. Friends comment on how great what your doing is, they envy your skill. You've made alot of friends who share your hobby, they also have friends who market this skill. More and more connections are made, and next thing you know, you find what you do that you so enjoy, is actually a marketable commodity. Voila~your seeming tragedy leads you to a happier, more positive job, a more fulfilling life and connections to like-minded people who become a wonderful resource. The Universe opens doors. The value of this is for us to be patient and look for the gem in each situation. I find within the most difficult events of life, if given time, we can find possibilities that unfold which would otherwise we would not have had the courage to pursue.

         It's all in your perception of events. Often what occurs, if you really are open to looking at the opportunities it presents, can be more a blessing then you realize. Something that can profoundly change the course of your life, for the better. "When one door closes, another one opens". Look for the key~
The players: kindred relationships

         You are in the mall, you've been thinking of an old school chum lately. This old friend has been on your mind quite a bit. You'd had a recent scare with an illness, lost family members and were feeling blue and out of sorts. Suddenly, there he is in the mall. You were great friends, shared many struggles and laughs, you grew together, had your fair share of life's ups and downs, then lost touch with life changes, jobs, moves and families. You begin to catch up, thoughts run through your mind of all the great times you had together. He too shares he's had very similar life events unfold and that you had been on his mind as well, wondering how you were doing. You find you have much in common and set a time to re-connect again. You remember that old warmth you shared in that friendship. You leave the mall higher in spirit. Its as if he was able to hear you, like you had called one another. We attract exactly what it is we require at that point in our journey and the Universe, if we are open to this understanding, provides.

          So many of life's greatest opportunities, our highest potential, I believe, are hidden in plain sight. Situations/events that "seem to" synchronistically appear. Often, due to the nature of our day to day lives, we may not 'connect' with the timing and meaning. I believe if the "message" is important to our journey, it will reappear until we understand and incorporate it, if we so choose. Some of the most profound, life altering messages can very well be the most challenging for the soul. As with everything in this physical existence, all is free will, of course. Whether or not we recognize and choose to avail ourselves of these new pathways, I believe the Universe is constantly providing, in every moment, what the soul needs.
Endless choices on the CD rom~Forks in the road

          I personally believe in a 'higher self', as well as pre-determined paths, which include what I like to call 'forks in the road', choices and opportunities that assist our highest/best along the way. You may have chosen a very particular lesson, a difficult one, in conjunction with your own "soul group", and wisely allowed that the challenge of such a lesson to be more overwhelming, in physicality, than you thought. So you put alternatives on the path, choices that would lessen the difficulty if you found yourself overwhelmed. Perhaps a new relationship would appear, someone (part of your soul group perhaps) who was willing to take this journey with you, thereby completing the chosen lesson, or perhaps another entire set of circumstances that would then lead you out of your distress, if you so choose. I believe it is impossible to understand the nature of physicality, when you reside in the higher realms, our guides can then become invaluable in assisting us with making our 'journey choices'. Again, this is my personal view of how the process may be undertaken. As with many, I rely on my own guides, and intuition in my growing understanding of our journey here and the value of synchronicity within the journey. I realize we may not all share a common view in this, each of us may well be on a very different journey, with a unique set of understandings for ourselves. Still, what remains is that in each challenging situation, we can choose to look within, take our time to connect with the silence, perhaps our Source, whatever it is that you feel most grounded to and find within this, what serves us most. Life lessons each soul is free to choose, often times, in conjunction with another "soul group", who agrees to help fulfill each mission. Endless possibilities on the CD rom that is the Universe~limited only by our thoughts.

          Opportunities abound if you choose to look deeper into the events that cause you to worry, or wonder. When events in your life take your breath away, consume you with anger or worry, resentment and frustration, look for the synchronicity - Breathe!! Go within~ Find your silence, whatever it is you nurture and believe in. Within that space is unbounded opportunity. Whenever you are seeking answers, know that the Universe is always ready to assist, ready to provide paths by which it is designed you.
"Always walk in your truth. When you do you walk toward your deeper truth. A truth that may shatter the confines of a comfortable path. It is not destroying the path. It is expanding it. It expands with 'your' vibrational expansion. The discomfort exists only as long as it takes for you to get used to this new place of being. Resist not. Surrender to the flow of your own expansion. It is your greater good manifesting itself." - Council of 12 (posted with permission - thanks to Ara Parisien)
Many blessings!

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