Sunday, March 1, 2015

On Trek

Miracle of Children

         Like Rain on the tin roof, is the beat of a child in the womb.

         It is steady, and gentle, new life, new love.

         I held my hand over my extended stomach and felt the movements, and heard the music of the heart beat, and I fell in love all over again. I never even new a child was part of me for three months. I suspected it, but didn’t have it confirmed until three months. My Baby had grown silently without my knowing. What a miracle to love the imagination of my mind. I assumed my child was male, and I assumed he was handsome and healthy, and I pictured him tall and blonde.

         I dreamed of him every day and every night. I thought yes, he will be president someday. (Dating myself here). When the time came for me to go to the hospital, the weather was snowy, the roads were bad, our car acted up and the lights went out. It was freezing outside and I had to hold a flashlight out the window just so my husband could see the roads. We got to the small, little hospital, frozen but so excited to see our baby.

         It was over 12 hours of hard labor, but even then I was still excited.

         Then he came. The love I had felt for 9 months now cuddled in my arms, cozy warm and beautiful. A rush of wow what to do now engulfed me. I am sure it is true with everyone, that our first child is always scary for a while because they don’t come with instructions. One day he shows up and is with us constantly from then on.

         We managed to bring him to adulthood. Always having friends and family around to be “on call” was truly helpful. Yes, every person that is born is truly a miracle. I truly enjoyed my trek with my children. Having children is a great responsibility, but there are so many rewards that continue to this day.

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