Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Heart

I can’t believe how hard I have to fight
There’s no relief when you’re no longer in my sight
My heart is beating, but only beats for you
I’m lost for words, but I’m so in love with you

I can’t believe how you turn on my light
I wasn’t prepared to fall so hard, and have it feel so right
My heart keeps beating, but it only beats for you 
I’m lost in time, but I’m so in love with you

I could talk with you for hours while looking into your eyes
I wish you could feel what I am feeling, but what I feel should come as no surprise
Without you I’m left feeling so empty, when I’m with you my heart makes a whole new sound
I can’t believe how hard it is to pick myself off of the ground

©2/16/15  Bruce Clifford

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