Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Universal Light

There comes a time when our lives must end
Upon this Earth with which the time we spend
To return to that place where Spirits dwell
A Heavenly place that we know so well
Never knowing when it's our time to go
Our bodies die, but not our soul
For we are Spirits within our forms
Our strength inside survives the storms

Within our bodies we can not see
The bigger picture and what is to be
Yet there are things that you just know
If you listen closely to your soul

Visitations from those who have passed
A dream that is one that will always last
Flickering lights, a smell, or a song on the radio
Will remind you of someone that you use to know

Transitioned to a different level of energy
Yet they are found wherever you will be
Unconditional love they give to you
Upon your journey here to help you through

Heaven and Earth are hand in hand
If you open up your mind, it'll expand
Those who you thought gone and dead
Gather closely around your bed
They're with you every day and night
Your love united in The Universal Light
©Oct 24, 2014 Bud Lemire
                                           Author Note:
The people we love so much who have passed
come around us to let us know they are watching
us and know everything that is happening in our
lives since they passed. They guide us with their
unconditional love and spiritual wisdom from
The Other Side (Heaven). If we acknowledge
their presence, we too can bask in the
Universal Light.

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