Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Meaning Of “I Love You”

There are so many ways to say “I Love You”
Yet it is how it's said that makes the meaning true
Love comes in many ways when it is spoken
How it is taken, is a heart felt token
“I Love You” is always felt from the heart
From the depth of your soul, is a special part
To your mate, it's a romantic kind of love
Touching upon your feelings, whatever you think of

You can have a strong love for a pet you befriend
Just like any bond, that love will never end
Love of your family, familiar and complete
Growing up with this, kept you on your feet

Love is found in many ways every single day
It's what's behind the feelings in everything you say
With who you use it for, the meaning you will know
Some don't use words, yet their love will show

Sometimes it can be felt from miles away
You can even think of them and feel them every day
One thing I can say and I know it is true
I always feel my best when I say “I Love You”
©Feb 11, 2015 Bud Lemire                                             Author Note:
There are many different kinds of Love. Love that
you feel when you're with your partner for life. Love of
a dog or cat. Love of family. The things you love to
do. Love comes to us in many different ways. The best
kind is the feeling I get when I say “I Love You” and I
truly mean it from the depths of my heart and soul.

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