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2016 is a 9 Universal Year. The final year in the current 9-year cycle, this year will be a culmination of all that has preceded this year in the cycle that had its beginnings in 2008. It would behoove us all to go back and review the events of 2008 (especially the 'seeds' that were planted in 2008) and the ensuing years to better understand that which must be dealt with and completed. This is the year in which we must institute a general 'house-cleaning' and let go of the old and that which has outlived its usefulness. 2016 will be a year in which resolving issues and letting go of the old are of paramount importance, for this is a year of completion. The 9 presents the 'great challenge' and will be a test of the full measure of us as a species and in the manner in which we handle our problems, resolve our differences, and take our correct place as the keepers and custodians of our home planet. 2016 will not be easy for it will stage situations that will require both strength and wisdom to meet. Selfishness and greed cannot be allowed to flourish. The 9 is a testing number and demands the natural removal from that which does not serve the higher and greatest good.

The 9 Universal Year requires a balancing of the forces that exist. Conditions and situations that are in arrears or out of balance must be resolved and the resolutions must be equitable for everyone. Events and conditions that are unfinished will block forward progress and will demand continuing attention until these things are resolved or removed. Resistance will be a constant factor until we collectively learn to meet all things with cheer, love, compassion and tolerance.

The overarching energies of the 9 are Universal love, brotherhood, compassion and tolerance. It is incumbent upon everyone to cultivate tolerance, understanding and love of everyone and all things that affect us all. This needs to be a year of increased benevolence and universal social conscience.

Love for mankind must be a guiding principle that imbues all that is acted upon. We must all have a view of the big picture while we work to eliminate the useless (especially those things and conditions that create separation and disparity). 2016 is a year during which we separate from our past mistakes, for if we continue to do what we've always done the results run a high probability of being far worse than that which we are already experiencing. 9 is the vibration of the idealist and one who thinks or operates using that principle as a guiding force. With that being said, we must learn to use greater pragmatism in our actions and greater consideration and thought must be used in decisions without an overabundance of idealism or emotion. Upon a foundation built using those principles, will idealism be better able to be a part of the solution and resultant environment.

2016 holds great potential to be a year of unfolding. This unfolding should include an increased interest in things of a spiritual, metaphysical, and universal (in all meanings of that word) nature as we need to move away from the crass materialism, narcissism, bigotry, xenophobia and hatred that is so prevalent in the world today. Replacing that energy must be one that says “We are all one. We are the family of WoMan. We are all in this together. We must act knowing that what affects one, affects all.” As we look towards moving forward, the qualities of positivity, selfless service, attainment, perfection and completion should all be included within the seeds for the new beginnings and the foundation for future growth beginning in 2017, the start of the next cycle. The time is here to become more open-minded and embrace the future with an energy of vast and limitless thinking and believing. 9 includes all the qualities and conditions of all the previous numbers from 1 to 8 and we must look to create a recipe for progress, sustainability, compassion and tolerance that includes all the best qualities of all the numbers.

On the world stage, the possibility exists for treaties to be signed that can help to end the seemingly endless war and strife that is suffocating the world. We may see a strengthening of alliances (on both sides of any conflict) as well as further independence granted to countries, and the various ethnicities of countries around the globe, as we collectively realize that we are all one and that our perceived differences are just that...perceived and the result of man's ego-driven and aggressive tendencies to dominate others. 2016 will create an environment that will test relationships of all kinds be they personal, domestic or international. Events of all kinds may take place quickly with many stops and starts as we continue on the path through changes, transitions and endings.

In the world of medicine we may see new developments of a beneficial nature in the areas of cures and surgical techniques. We may also see action in the world of legal developments with a greater focus being placed on laws that treat everyone more fairly and benevolently. The 9 demands tolerance and compassion and that which does not offer such benefit will be met with opposition. The less tolerant and compassionate that things become, the more likely we are to experience dramatic and reactionary behaviors in response.

On the negative side, the 9 Universal Year energy of 2016 can bring with it situations and conditions that create more intense levels of upset and dissatisfaction throughout the world. If people and nations continue to be too self-serving and concerned with their own personal or political needs rather than those of others and the greater good, then social issues and problems will exacerbate to conditions far worse than what we are currently experiencing. The negative 9 can bring about a rise in intolerance due to the development of the conservative element and all that entails, socially and politically. The seeds of that discontent have been sown in countries around the globe and we must all pay attention to this as we move through the year. In the United States, with our upcoming presidential election this will be something that must be monitored closely as the future of our nation could hang in the balance. During the year people and nations must guard against quick-tempered reactions, greediness, jealousy and selfishness as such behavior will bring about stronger than normal reactions. Social injustices and inequities may very well result in minorities becoming more restless and aggressive in their reactions. We may also experience a level of uncertainty and irregularity in the political and economic processes not seen in quite some time. The negative 9 energy of 2016 may also bring about a prevalence of cynicism as well as increases in, and development of criticism which could lead to further fracturing in the political and social elements of countries worldwide. At its worst, the negative 9 will engender idealism without practical foundation coupled with a complete disregard for any higher source(s) of knowledge, wisdom and guidance.

In looking back at previous 9 Universal Years*, we see constant themes of financial problems and crashes, social unrest, political upheavals, the raising of social consciousness, and a never-ending series of natural disasters and events that can dramatically alter lives and landscapes. Also at play in previous 9 Universal Years were technological advances that changed the way we live our lives. And, although terrorism and terrorist acts seem to be an almost everyday occurrence in today's world, previous 9 Years have also shown themselves to be times of unrest and extreme actions by those wishing to make themselves known while they make their point to the world. On the plus side, 1980 saw the Berlin Wall come down and with it the dismantling of the USSR. 1989 saw the beginning of the end of apartheid in South Africa. 1998 brought about the Good Friday peace accord in Ireland and equal rights for gays in Denmark. A 9 Universal Year can certainly bring forth a full spectrum of events from the very worst to the absolute best and I doubt that 2016 will be anything other than that type of year. A year of extremes...from the best to the worst.

In conclusion, to this author, it feels as though the fabric our our world is being torn in two and we are experiencing the battle between the forces of light and darkness. In many ways, it has never felt more real as ideologies fight it out for the dominant position in governments here in the United States and in other places around the world. A word of caution in these troubled times: Watch for an increase in extreme politics and political parties based more upon demagoguery/ideology/fear/paranoia and less on workable, all-encompassing solutions. 2016 has great potential to be a turning point in our existence, the direction in which we turn will be determined by the collective voices of everyone speaking up against injustice, inequality, bigotry, xenophobia, and a never-ending war mindset. Will the idealism, compassion and tolerance of the 9 energy be the prevalent force? Or, will we succumb to the negative side of the 9 and indulge in selfishness, immorality, scorn, lack of forgiveness, and impracticality brought about by immense egos looking to shape the world in their image?

Will we reach for the ideals that can make us great? Will we allow everyone to feel as though they are a part of the family of man without prejudice? Will we collectively work towards lifting the veil on the darkness that surrounds us and show it for what it is...a mindset dominated by fear and paranoia?
9 is the number of every man. In order for the good and positive aspects of the 9 to be realized, it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to do our part in working towards creating a world that serves even the least among us. For what harms one, harms all. We can no longer pretend that even one person is not worthy of that which others enjoy. Through the realization and practice of being all-encompassing in all we do can we move towards creating a better world. The alternative is too ugly to give consideration.

2016 can be the beginning of the end of the way things are currently or, it will be the beginning of the end for all we hold dear. The 9 holds within its vibration the entire spectrum from the very best to the very worst. The choice is ours. Be certain your voice is heard. This may be the most important election in the history of the United States. And, other countries around the world will have their own reckonings to consider. One thing is certain, those things that do not serve the greater good and that are not ended or done away with, will become far greater problems moving forward.

I wish each and every one of you peace and love. May your lives be blessed with all that is good. May you rise above the pettiness of ego-driven human behavior and embrace the tolerance and compassion that is the 9. Happy New Year!
Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro
Numerologist/Author of “You Know Your Name...Look Up Your Numbers”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The year 2016 has been hanging with a heavy energy upon me. We are at a crossroads in the United States and consequently, by extension so is the world. We must search within ourselves and our hearts and each of us must ask ourselves, “In what kind of world do I want to live?” Can we find in ourselves as individuals and collectively, the will and the means to turn away from the ugliness and darkness that permeates the planet? Are we capable of finding and holding the light? Time will only tell. The energy of the Universal 9 Year of 2016 tells us that in order to move forward into the next, and all succeeding cycles, we must rid ourselves of that which does not serve the greater good of everyone. There is part of the 9 energy that is associated with endings. Clearing the detritus of things that no longer work for or serve us, in order to make way for a new and better energy, is of paramount importance.

*Here is a list of important events that have taken place during previous 9 Universal Years: 2007 – The lead up to the crash of 2008 in the United States. Major worldwide weather and natural events. Introduction of the Tesla automobile. Uptick in mass shootings and terrorism worldwide. Government eavesdropping authorized by George W. Bush. Unrest and protests in various countries around the world.
1998 – Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland. Russian banking meltdown. SE Asia financial meltdown. Fires. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. The movement of the European Union toward the use of a single currency in Europe. Scattered terrorist attacks worldwide. Bin Laden issues fatwa.
1989 – Beginning of the end of apartheid in South Africa. Japan stock market crash. Gay equality in Denmark. Berlin Wall comes down. The break-up of the USSR begins. Uprisings in Eastern Europe and China. Europe bans CFCs. US savings & loan crisis. USSR pulls out of Afghanistan. Exxon Valdez disaster.
1980 – Olympics boycott. Mt. St. Helen erupts. Iran-Iraq War. Severe heat wave in US kills 1100. Advances in technology. Reagan elected. Political upheavals in Africa. John Lennon is murdered in NYC.
1971 – Earthquakes and major storms. Beginning of the digital age. Communist China steps onto the world stage. Economic changes in Europe. Rise of social consciousness: Greenpeace forms; anti-Vietnam movement; desegregation through busing.
1962 – Cuban missile crisis. First American in space. Major shift in music, the rise of protest singers. Increased involvement by the United States in Vietnam. Mississippi race riots prompted by the murder of James Meredith. Many countries granted independence.

Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro

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