Friday, January 1, 2016

Don't Laugh At Them

Don't laugh at those who have less
You think you know better, but you don't know best
Who truly knows where their life had lead
Before you laugh at anyone, search the common sense in your head
Now tell me, if you were in their place
Would you like people laughing in your face
Remember, there are those with less and those with more
You learn to respect the rich, do the same for the poor

I've heard it told, when you get to Heaven's Gate
You will experience others pain, and all those who appreciate
Those you treated poorly, you will feel it all
You will feel how they felt, when you laughed at them in the Hall

Because your spirit needs to grow, and you didn't do it here
You'll have to guide your victim, by whispering in their ear
You'll need their forgiveness, to set things straight
So your soul can ascend, to its rightful state

Remember, before you laugh at anyone, you've not been in their shoes
You don't know their story, be compassionate when you choose
All actions you take, will come back to you
Use the love God gave, you'll know the right thing to do

©Dec 12, 2015 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
When you laugh at those with less, you are not seeing the whole
picture. You are not realizing that it could have been you in
their place. Being unkind to those with less, also makes you
look really bad to others as well. You don't know their life's
story, nor do you know the struggles they faced along their
journey to where they are now. Use compassion and be kind.
You will feel it in your heart and soul, because that is the better
choice to make. You will feel much better inside as well.

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