Friday, January 1, 2016

On Trek

By Judith Kroll 

A couple of poems, from the heart, staying On Trek.


Just A Little Faith

All I want is a little faith,
just enough to get me by.

 I’m not greedy Lord, not at all
just a little faith to get me by.

Help me make it thru this life,
and to have a day with a little less strife.

To smile more than I shed tears,
to help me rid my life of fears.

That night I prayed like never before,
it was like the universe opened her door.

Then a voice I heard within my soul,
“why do you limit what you can have,

A little faith is quite absurd.
Here is tons of faith just for you,
to make your world work for you.

The more you get the more you share,
Faith my friend, is everywhere.

You’re not greedy, not a bit, You ask we give,
and that is it..without limit..”

I changed my prayer that very night,
Oh Lord it's faith I need, you know,

I want to see the world glow,
a stunning limitless light show.

I smiled and thought, all this time,
I prayed for faith, and it was already mine,
shining its light waiting for me to find.

© 2015 Judith Kroll

We Will

We will sing the songs
of the trees, birds,
and waters of the earth.
We will fill the spaces
of our breaths with the smells
of lilacs, and roses.
Our friendship will grow
like the dawn of a new day,
the light slowly crosses the paths
of all that exists, and covers them
with love and warmth and hope.
Always hope.
Bask in the light with me
as we journey thru this together,
you me and others you choose,
and let the scroll
of your life unroll
page by page
to be fulfilled
with utmost joy,
laughter and love.
© 2015 Judith Kroll

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