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The Adventures of Ollie-Dare - Chapter 9

OLLIE-DARE Goes for A Ride

Ollie-Dare could feel the change in the air. Summer days were once again beginning to cool down, preparing them for the change of seasons. Fall would soon settle upon the Great Forest, and with it the preparing for winter snows. Ollie-Dare enjoyed this time of year for the cool breeze and the warm sun joined to give the forest a new look. Ollie-Dare had been reading one of his many books, and enjoying the noonday when something caught his eye.

A smile began to light his eyes, for in the distant sky he could see bright orange and yellow stripes just topping the meadow trees. It seems that Samual the balloonist was making good his word, and once again stopping to see his friends of the forest.

Ollie-Dare began walking toward the meadows. On the way, his friends Jimmy the Rabbit, Ace the Coon, and Banjo the fox joined him, for they too had seen the balloon. As they entered the meadow Samual was just landing and greetings could be heard. Much laughter filled the air as once again the forest had welcomed Samual.

They made their way back to Ollie-Dare's home were fresh tea would be brewing, and the group settle in to hear of Samual's travels. He told them he was now on his way home for the winter months ahead, and had decided to add The Forest as a stop over on his way. Samual also had some wonderful news for Jimmy. He had returned to ask Ollie-Dare if he would like a quick trip down the river and had invited Ollie-Dare's friends along.

Ace and Banjo were quick to respond with a 'No, Thank You,' but Jimmy was delighted. Samual saw the concern in Ollie-Dare's eyes, but insisted that the trip would be very safe for his little friend. Ollie-Dare agreed that Jimmy had been patient in always staying within the forest walls, and laughed with delight when Jimmy began to dance around in merriment. They made plans to leave the next day, and Ollie-Dare and Samual settled in for a quiet evening of trading stories.

The next morning Jimmy met Ollie-Dare and Samual at the meadow and they began loading up as Samual told them his plans. Samual was traveling several miles up north to buy new materials for his balloon that would be used over the winter months, and on he would stop along the way to let Ollie-Dare and Jimmy see some sights . The trip would take about four days, and he would return them upon starting south to his home. Soon the trio was all loaded and ready, and as the balloon began its flight as Ollie-Dare and Jimmy waved to their friends watching from beneath.

They were soaring finally, and Ollie-Dare was amazed at the beautiful view. For the forest was so green and the clouds in their soft forms seemed to reach right down and touch the top of the giant balloon. The river could be seen flowing swiftly on its way, and Ollie-Dare was in awe of the beauty before him. Jimmy was busy asking questions, and Samual, with a gentleness that belied his size, answered each question. As the balloon drifted onward, the Great Forest became smaller and smaller until it disappeared from sight.

They had traveled several hours when Samual began a descent so Ollie-Dare and Jimmy could see the boat docks of a small fishing village. There were many small boats, and a few rather large ones attached to the wooden walk way. People could be seen walking to and fro, and large nets hung from edges of the docks. A shop settled in the mist of all the activity, and resting behind the docks were houses and tall buildings. Children could be seen playing in an area that was filled with play ground equipment, and a large block building that Samual called a school. He explained that children attended this school each day and they were taught how to read, write, do math, and many other things they would need to carry on in life.

Ollie-Dare and Jimmy knew of school for they had a small one within the forest for all the small animals. But the scene before them was oddly strange, and full of wonder. Samual explained about the fishing village, and as they continued on, told funny stories of his visits there. They traveled for the rest of the day without seeing much more than mountains, and as dusk took over the sky they landed upon an open field to settle in for the night.

Early the next morning they once again began their journey, and Samual told them that for today they would travel untill they reached the city. Ollie-Dare made mental notes of all that he was seeing. They had passed over a huge waterfall unlike anything he had seen before. The water fell over giant rocks, and the sunlight glistened like stars as it shone upon the water. In some places small wooden structures were seen sticking up from the trees, and Samual explained that they were forest ranger towers. Ollie-Dare was very pleased at this for Samual had said they protected the forest from fires and other dangers. Majestic mountains seemed to be covered with unending forest, and fresh streams flowed into the river. All these things Ollie-Dare mentally stored, for this kind of beauty never leaves your memory.

Soon they began to once again descend, as night was just starting to darken the sky. Before them were thousands of tiny lights, and Samual told them that they were now entering the city. Ollie-Dare and Jimmy watched as the lights grew nearer and the city came into view. At the look of surprise in Ollie-Dare's and Jimmy's faces, Samual began laughing, for he had saved this day as a very special surprise for them both. The city was celebrating a state fair. Samual told Ollie-Dare and Jimmy about the state fair and explained the many sights they were seeing as they passed over, and with much excitement they thanked their friend for such a delightful surprise. As they landed many of the children came running and Samual and his guests laughed and talked to the children before starting their journey to the trade center. Ollie-Dare was so pleased that he had come and was glad that Jimmy was there also.

They made the trip up to the trade center were Samual bought materials and Ollie-Dare and Jimmy found small gifts for their friends back at The Great Forest. As they began walking back to the balloon, where they planned to spend the night, the trio stopped to enjoy the many sights of the fair. They saw rides that children were taking, and colorfull booths where games were played. They ate delightful caramel apples and watched an entertaining horse show, all under flashing lights with festive music.

All too soon morning came and once again the three prepared to lift off for the journey home. The city in the morning was quiet and Ollie-Dare and Jimmy watched the city grow smaller and smaller. The trip here was a delight but they both were ready to go home to tell of the many wonders they had seen on this adventure. As always Ollie-Dare missed his forest and the many things he needed to do there. Samual stopped the night in a beautiful place high on a mountain top, where Ollie-Dare had seen the waterfall. Here Ollie Dare wrote of the things he had seen, and once again started another chapter into his adventures.

Upon arriving home the next day, Samual stayed the night before beginning his journey south. The next morning, among wishes from all the forest creatures for a safe trip, Samual's balloon once again disappeared over the tree tops. Ollie-Dare, watching his friend leave, had hopes that Samual would come back again one day.

Jimmy was still going from place to place telling of his great adventure and enjoying the attention he was recieving. Ollie-Dare was glad to be home again. Reflecting on his new adventure, he finished writing his little chapter.

"And in ending my adventure with Samual and Jimmy," he wrote, "I am grateful that life has given me so many friends and so much to be thankful for. I see so much beauty and I wonder at the creation of it, and I wait patiently for the next adventure."
©2002 Rebecca Morris
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