Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pleasure Today

Pleasure today
and heartache tomorrow
There's so much to say
when you partake in sorrow
It's all been seen before, you see
It's all been in your prophecies

For what you Think, (for you), comes true
and what you Feel, is what comes, too
You are, what you wish, beyond your dreams.
It's there, deep inside, that destiny beams.
Your soul will decide
what's best for you,

You get what you Need.
what you Want, isn't True.
You may get your wishes,
you may have your lot
It's all about Intent,
if you receive, or not.

Spirit moves in mysterious ways,
it's miracles to perform.
For success, without praise
is empty, forlorn.
Creation begins,
with the sound of Intent.

Be sure that your prayers
are all heaven-sent.
For Creator will channel
those thoughts for you
and bring to Reality
all that is True.
take Care, what you wish,
for it may reveal

The dreams we create
are not Ours, to make real.
Surrender your heart
Surrender your life
let Love be your guide,
no heartache, no strife.

Creation decides
what's best for you,
You get what you Need,
when your Want, is your Truth.

©2016 Phillip Hennessy

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