Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stinky Perfume

When she wears perfume, I wear it too
It's in my clothes, no matter what I do
She must bathe in it, from head to toe
Then she carries it, and makes the scent flow
I tell you, it comes with a taste too
Try eating food that tastes like perfume to you
Open the window, spread it around
That stinky perfume can always be found

When dabbing it on, don't you assume
That many won't smell, that stinky perfume
Too much perfume is as bad as a stinky underarm
I'm writing this poem, I'm pulling the alarm

I'm sure they'll keep wearing it, I'm sure it'll be strong
Stinky perfume should stay in the bottle, where it belongs
Try knocking some sense into someone who can't smell
When they bathe in perfume, and they can't tell

Smell the perfume, boy does it stink
It is so strong, it's making me blink
I wrote a poem about perfume before
Yet that stinky scent still comes under my door
©Apr 29, 2016 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Okay, I think you get the message. I just wish
those that wear it would understand. But it's
like knocking your head against the wall. Some
people just don't get it. Maybe they never will.
Maybe I can get some really stinky perfume and
spray it under their door. Maybe not, but it was
nice thought that made me smile just thinking of it.

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