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The Adventures of Ollie-Dare - Chapter 14

Ollie-Dare and The Great Lodge

         Ollie-Dare sat having his morning tea and watching it rain. The spring rains were here, and Ollie-Dare loved the rain, its fresh clean smell, and the glistening of it on the green leaves and colorful flowers, and its soft sounds as it landed on his cave roof. The Great Forest needed rain just like it needed sunshine, and yes, even snow. The snows brought a time of rest and sleep for all creatures and all plants, and the sun and rain the renewal of its life. This spring had brought good rains, and the meadows and the tall pines flourished with the promises of a green summer.

         Ollie-Dare was deep in thought when he heard a familiar voice coming from beyond his walls. His friend Jimmy the Rabbit was here for a visit. Jimmy was like the rain in the forest, Ollie-Dare thought. Always bringing life with him in his merry way. Jimmy was the one creature of the forest that never let any weather stop him from his daily travels, and he always brought with him smiles and lots and lots of energy!!!!

         Bouncing through the door with a good morning and asking if there was some extra tea, Jimmy began telling Ollie-Dare of his visits with all their forest friends. Ace the Coon would be stopping by later in the day and Banjo the Fox had left for the Elders Forest on a quick visit with his parents. Nibbles the Squirrell was busy helping CuCu set up a new home in the Great Forest, and Blossom the Possom and Fanny the Robin were busy gathering seeds and cloth for their gardens and sewing. Beaver Joe and his family had finally finished their new home, and Wood Chuck the logger was starting a new camp farther up the stream. All was well within the forest walls, and Ollie-Dare and Jimmy talked on up 'til late morning on what should and should not be done this year.

         Ollie-Dare had started plans for a new Elders lodge that Wood Chuck would be cutting logs for, so they decide to visit Blossom the Possom on some new curtains for it, and Beaver Joe had already began making a large table that everyone could sit around. Ollie-Dare had decided to make a few changes in the Elders circle here at the Great Forest. He had though long and hard on this matter and decided that the Great Forest would be run by all the creatures. Ollie-Dare loved the Elders, but this was a new generation, a new way. He knew that it took all of the creatures here to keep everything going, and everyone had always looked out for each other, during sickness or in health.

         The new lodge would be called The " Great Lodge" and all that lived with in the Great Forest would have a say in matters concerning the forest. They had erected a large area at the rear of the building to bring the forest children, and outside a large area for gatherings and picnics. In the snow months they could bring everything in for gatherings also...and a large fire place stood at one end. Ollie-Dare and all his forest friends were pleased with the new lodge and hoped to have their first gathering soon.

         The rain had stopped so Ollie-Dare and Jimmy walked to Blossoms' house to speak with her on the curtain matter, and on the way visited with Shantey the Groundhog. Shantey was such a curious creature with his shy ways, and round little glasses that always seem to rest just on the tip of his nose. Shantey was excited today for he had found a new flower within the forest walls and was digging through his stack of books trying to find out what it was. It was a beautiful little white flower and they all stood admiring its dainty little petals. Shantey wondered at it for he had never seen such a small little flower and wondered where it could have come from.

         Ollie-Dare tried to remember were he had seen the flower before, for he was sure he had. And suddenly he remembered! The circus that had stopped here earlier in the spring!! The lady with the white stallion horse had them in her hair.

         "Oh, wonderful" said Shantey "for upon leaving, she must have planted some for the forest, and they have begun to grow."

         Ollie-Dare thought how nice a thing to do, while Jimmy and Shantey continued looking for the name of the little flower. Smiling, Ollie-Dare took a seat and began to help by looking through the many flower books that Shantey had thrown about. They looked for several hours but not find it, so decided to continue their journey to Blossom's place.

         Blossom was busy as usual digging and planting, for she was the forest vegetable lady. And each fall she would load down everyone with dried vegetables and fruits for the long winter months. She stopped and on hearing the request for new curtains, called for Fanny the Robin to come take a look also. Ollie-Dare and Jimmy said their farewells and started back to the cave.

         Yes, the Great Forest was buzzing with activity with the building of the Great Lodge, the new spring days, and being out and about again. Life in the forest was good and Ollie-Dare was happy. Jimmy talked about his travels, and the travels he would like to take. Ollie-Dare listened with great patience and smiles, and thought of how life was always filled with adventures. Even on days like today when he walked with his friends, or visited them. Yes, Life was good for Ollie-Dare, and the Great Forest was looking forward to summer and their first gathering in their new building.

         Ace was seen sitting outside Ollie-Dare's cave waiting for his return. Ollie-Dare called to his friend that fresh tea and honey cakes were in order if he could visit awhile. Jimmy, Ollie-Dare and Ace could be heard laughing and talking way into the evening hours, and every once in a while one of their voices would carry out over the forest and the words...."Life is Good" was echoed.
©2002 Rebecca Morris
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