Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Trial and Error

When at the computer
I pull an all-nighter,
I'm fond of saying it's
Because I'm a writer.

Yet if it were true
Zephyrs of romance would spiral
From the phrases formed
With my error and trial.

The pure intensity of facts
Related with serious thought-
Bear no poetic pulse or throb,
Of feeling, they bear naught.

A weaver of words can lift
Others to heights of passion,
Or plunge them into depths,
Or simply applaud their fashion.

But the audience would grasp
Both audible and unspoken,
And the bond of those words
Would forever be unbroken.

So I'll yet dream of composing
Such an infinite verse
That it brings forth lovely blossoms
From what began as something worse.

©May 31, 2016 Mary E. Adair

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