Thursday, December 1, 2016

On Trek

I shed a tear...

I shed a tear for all the sorrow the human race must bear.
Is it fair?
The refugees, the homeless, the vets away from home,
Those displaced by floods and fires, and tornadoes that always roam.
Why do we have to endure all this? Why must we feel this pain?
Is happiness a dream? Has the world gone insane?
No, the world is a beautiful place and we share this planet home,
We keep our love afloat knowing we are not alone.

. When someone falls, we pick them up, we try to make them better,
We share this planet home, but no one is the same.
Some of us are old, and some of us are sick,
Some of us are hateful, and some of us are kind,
Until we all become one, in our heart, and not our mind,
The true love we all seek, we will never find.
I remember our nation, not to long ago, murdered Native Americans,
And stole the land from them. We were vicious and cruel, we killed and plundered,

We stomped on the love we said we had.
We took people from their homeland, and made them into slaves
And we treated them with hate because of the color of their skin.
We stomped on the love we said we had.
We send our men to war, to try to make some peace,
We bring them home and strip them of the promises we gave,
They hurt, they cry, they wonder why,
Oh why am I still alive?

Do we see a pattern in our modern day?
Are we any different than that time of far away?
We are stomping on the love we said we have
. The people are rising up because they feel the love.
They want to make the changes we are always speaking of.
Let us join the ranks of those that care,
And send more love thru the air, For all to breathe and all to share,
And change our tears of sorrow, for joy.

The flowers give us beauty,
And we might stomp them down,
But they come right back with joy,
To spread the love around.
. Judith
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