Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Picture That Wasn't There

There was a picture that wasn't there
It seemed to have vanished into thin air
Where could it have gone, I wonder where
For I'm quite positive I saw it there

 I was in the Lakeview Cemetery, taking a picture of me
But liking each picture, is always the key
I deleted the ones that didn't quite fit
Even though Autumn colors were sunlit

I returned home and posted them on Facebook
So they would be there to see, and people could look
My Cousin who is spiritual, was looking for one
But she couldn't find it, and my posting was done

She went over them until her eyes were sore
I told her those were all, there were no more
The next morning she said “It was the one where you're hugging the stone”
She shared with me, what she saw, what was shown

She saw me and my true love Vicki, in the clouds in the sky
For my Cousin you see, has what is called a Third Eye
I deleted that picture, it never got on a post
Yet she saw me there, with the one I love most

That's not the end, days later I returned to the Cemetery
Another picture was deleted, where she saw my brother Terry
Why is she seeing people in the pictures I delete
Whatever the reason, it's a blessing and a treat
©Nov 12, 2016 Bud Lemire
                         Author Note:
My Cousin Karen is in tune with the Spiritual world. She sees
things that most can't. Somehow it was a message to let her
know they are there for her and me, to see, and to know. We
are never alone. Our loved ones are always watching over us.

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