Thursday, December 1, 2016

Last Dance At Christmas

She wondered when her life would end
Right now she sure could use a friend
“Why do they stay away from me”
“Was this the way life was going to be”

Diagnosed with Cancer earlier this year
She lives each moment, now in fear
She experiences pain, no child should go through
The people who know her, haven't the faintest clue
She sits alone in her bedroom, reading a book
The Fantasies she reads, give her a new outlook
She drifts far away, to another place
Which stops her from thinking of all she must face

The Chemo has worn her down, she lost all of her hair
She tries not to think about, how life can be so unfair
At night she cries and asks “Why me?”
“I never asked for this, so why should it be”
Time was passing quickly, Christmas time was almost here
She reserves all her strength for some Christmas cheer
But inside her, there dwelled all this fear
“Would I still be around for Christmas this year?”

The pain was too much, for her to take
If not for love, she would surely break
Her parents gave her the very best
They supported her through every test
As Christmas drew closer, she really missed her friends
And wondered “Is this really how my life ends?”

Then one night, there came a light
The Angels danced, and it was so bright
“We've come to give you, one last chance”
“To join us in, this Awakening Dance”
She looked around, and saw all her friends
“Dear Armelia, this will be how your life ends”
One friend took her hand “Please come with me”
They wandered outside, for everyone to see
Liam bowed and asked her for this dance
She smiled and then she took a glance
A circle of her friends, were all around
In the middle, she and Liam were found
They danced until she could dance no more
She was so much happier than she was before

Liam whispered “Our parents didn't understand your disease”
“Which made them all, in a state of unease”
“The Angels who have brought us here”
“Have banished all of our parents' fear”
Armelia looked up, she knew her time was here
All of her pain was gone, and she had no fear
Armelia entered Heaven, and she had a new role
Helping those with disease, to uplift their soul
And upon this very Christmas night
In the sky hight above, was a new star shining bright 

©Dec 3, 2016 Bud Lemire
                      Author Note:
Remember everyone, people who are going through
such a disease, need a friendly face to see in person.
Don't be afraid to stop and see them. It will only take
a moment to bring so much happiness and comfort to
someone who you treasure in this life. Because once
they are gone, you can never have that chance. Armelia
went on to help thos battling the disease here on Earth,
and she knows the value of friends. Don't let your fears
be the thing that causes you not to see your friend who
needs you even more now than ever. Go see them.

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