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2017 – A 10/1 Universal Year

Where do we go from here?

Well, we have made it to the end of 2016, the 9 Universal Year and we are now poised on the brink of a new 9-year cycle and all that it may bring about. 2016 was a tumultuous year in many ways. We saw the passing of many cultural icons as well as the falling away of certain aspects of our collective lives. In America we have seemingly seen the end of civility in the public and political discourse that affects each and every one of us. We may have also experienced the end of our political party system as it was constructed. Sadly, what we did not see was an end to the dis-empowering and negative actions and activities of governments and nations worldwide. If anything, it appears as though some of those actions got worse and which show every indication of worsening even more as we move forward. What we did not see was a move towards more inclusion and acceptance of everyone. We did not see an end to the continuing disenfranchising of so many of those in need throughout the world. If anything, those conditions also deteriorated. In the constant that is the process of Numerology, the 9 is the combination of all the traits and characteristics of the previous 8 numbers (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36=9). As the end of every cycle, 9's job is to take what was accumulated and learned during the previous 9 years and turn around and hand it off to the 1 of the next cycle. It is through this method that wisdom, knowledge, lessons, and more are passed forward into the future. Also passed along are the negative energies and activities that were not discarded in the 9 Year (2016). As I have shared on many occasions, those things that do not serve the greater and higher good of everyone, and that are not discarded, will only exacerbate moving forward. “If you think it was bad before...just wait!”

So, where do we go from here? What lies in store for 2017 and beyond? As with all things in Numerology, there are both positive and negative aspects that can, and will play out. Much will be determined by the actions and re-actions of the greater collective. Much will be determined by how much we resist the de-evolution of our many current situation(s) while working towards creating a more inclusive, accepting, and loving country (and world). Will we rise up and demand more fairness, equality, honesty, and integrity from our countries and our leaders? Or, will the dark, shadow side that was more greatly exposed in 2016 than ever before, become even more powerful and in-our-faces as it continues to game the system for its own benefits and aggrandizement?

On the positive side, 2017 can be a vehicle for greater justice for all. This year can be an initiation period designed to create and foster positive activity for the good of all. The over-arching energy is directed towards greater initiative and independence on a transitional and trans-formative level. The influence of the 1 can bring about greater enterprise in all facets of society and business with new insights and approaches combined with new and radical ideas. This is a period of bold actions, adventures, and new directions driven by originality and foresight. 2017 can birth many new inventions, plans, projects and businesses that are developed to help solve the many ills that plague the world. It is a time of greater creative independent and innovative energies. There can also be greater emphasis on the individuality of people and cultures. The 10/1 has great possibilities for creating a turn for the better. The year can certainly be the start of something new and the innovative ideas and fresh beginnings that come about are an expression of the law of cause and effect. Events that appear accidental or the result of mere chance result from efforts that have already been expended. In this regard, we must hold to the progress made during the previous 9-year cycle and work collectively to improve that which was created. The 10/1 does hold promises of good fortune and a turn for the better along with progress, improvements, and advancements but, as with all things, those things exist at the whim of current events and world leaders. The opportunities afforded us to create and foster a better understanding of circumstances will be revealed through situations and events that transpire. If previous events were properly executed, rewards will be forthcoming. If not, then we can only wait to see what happens and collectively pray that things tend towards a betterment of conditions, and not a worsening. All efforts will be rewarded accordingly. Be on the look-out for the appearance of people who will be our new 'heroes'. Search out those who are authentic and loving. Do not be fooled by the posers and dilettantes. All are people, on both sides of the equation, who can and will dynamically affect the world through their actions. It will behoove us all (and by extension, the world) if we learn to rely upon an intuition that is based in reason. It is only then that we will truly know what to do and we may discover that for which we have been waiting is now on the cusp of arriving.

The 10/1 Universal Year will also bring about changes in governments worldwide. We are all aware of the results of the 2016 presidential election in the USA, an event about which I cautioned in my essay on the 9 Universal Year that was 2016. We are aware of the fact that the USA will be getting a new president and administration beginning January 20th and are already aware of the change in direction that may be in store for our country.  The tone has been set for not only the next 9 years but also for the next 36 years (4 cycles of 9). 2016 saw 67 countries worldwide have elections for either leaders, legislatures, or both. 2017 will see another 46 nations hold elections (among them France, Germany, and Iran). That makes 113 out of the 190+ countries in the world changing, or maintaining their governments in the span of two years. What happens in the rest of the world this year will also contribute greatly to the dynamic of the geo-political scene in the coming years. The potential exists for differences that can be settled with previous enemies, settlements brought about by a clear comprehension of the situations and their problems. Most importantly, it may take a spiritual awakening for our true power and brotherhood to be developed and presented. Perhaps we will see something this year that brings pause to everyone and cause a reassessment of our humanity. We must stand firm in our ideals and our purpose. The 10/1 Universal Year will usher in a new era of events that will definitely affect and lay the groundwork for the world, as we move forward into the 3rd decade of the 21st Century.

On the negative side of the ledger for 2017 are conditions and energies that can truly be harmful to the world and its people. The year certainly holds the seeds for the beginning of changes, upheavals, and dissension. We must definitely be on guard, and protect ourselves against tyranny exercised by governments and leaders. We could see an increase in the  weaknesses of some rulers and governments coupled with a corresponding rise in the strength of strongmen, demagogues, and dictators. In a year in which we need to strive for greater balance in all things and for all people, we could very well see the polar opposite creating conditions that greatly exacerbate and deteriorate structures that are currently in place to help people. We may have front-row seats for what is viewed as mischievous antagonism in both politics and discourse. Clinging to the past, intentionally moving to dismantle the progress of the past 70 years, and stubbornly resisting and blocking any progressive innovation meant to improve life for people may not only be a normal course of action, it will also work to effectively and dynamically change the uneasy alliance between governments and their citizens.

2017 is not a time to be putting off  important decisions. It is not a time for  procrastination. It is not a year for stalling and delaying necessary new legislation designed to help and not hurt people. If failures and losses become endemic we must all come to terms with the  understanding that it is the result of previous efforts and endeavors and the way energy was used and put forth. Not that fixed opinions, stubbornness, or being too opinionated are ever good or useful, but the 10/1 energy of the year makes these attitudes and positions even worse than they can normally be. Additionally, we must be very aware of any tendencies towards overdoing and exaggerating any particular needs and desires. We must call out our lawmakers and legislators and remind them that they work for us and that the purpose of their job is to govern 'for the people' and not 'for their own agendas and backers'. It is extremely important that we all make certain that our voices are heard...individually and collectively. To stay silent is to give approval.

We are entering a new era and, in the United States, the dynamic is somewhat similar to what happened after the presidential election of 1980. As I wrote in my essay about 2016, a 9 Universal Year, the last presidential election held in the US in a 9 Universal Year was 1980 and that gave us Reagan and the ensuing 36 years of the attempted, and sometimes successful dismantling of worker protections, regulations, and the social safety net that so many rely upon while increasing the power of corporations and military-related industries. 1980 was a 18/9 Universal Year and 2016 was a 9 Universal Year, so there are some differences in the overall energy that was exercised. What was similar was the underlying 9 energy. So, with that being said, we must exercise great caution and we must hold our leaders accountable as we move forward. If we are not careful, America could take another hard turn to the right and our country as we currently know it could be dramatically altered.

The 20th century was filled with 19/1 Universal Years with only 1900 being a 10/1, the beginning of a new century. So far in the 21st century, we have had one 10/1 Year, 2008. And now, we have our second with 2017. Looking forward, we have a 10/1 Universal Year happening again in 2026, 2035, and 2044. For the first fifty years of this first half-century, the world will have a transitional/transformational year every 9 years. It's as if the Universe is giving us an opportunity to continually reset until we get to where we need to be. 10 is a Karmic number and it relates to an experience that has been chosen on the path and it cannot be avoided. Transitional and transformational in the realm of the individual and individuality, it is a continuation of the turning point axis of 2016/9 and 2017/10/1. This is a year that is a combination of all the lessons from the previous years, 1-9 and with it comes the challenge to put into balanced application conditions that are for the good of all mankind. As we move forward, we will be made to be quite aware of the fact that the only constant is change. 

In the Tarot, 10 is The Wheel of Fortune and represents among other things, rotation and cyclicity. Everything is in the process of change; with change being the only constant.  It can also indicate luck, a turn for the better, a new cycle, and innovative ideas resulting from past experiences. We are entering an initiation period in which decisions of great importance are made.

In the constant that is the Universal cycles of 9, as in basic Numerology, 9 is the combination of all the traits and characteristics of the previous 8 numbers (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36=9). As the end of every cycle, 9's job is to take what was accumulated and learned during the 9 years and turn around and hand it off to the 1 of the next cycle. It is through this method that wisdom, knowledge, lessons, and more are passed forward into the future. Also passed along are the negative energies and activities that were not discarded in the 9 Year (2016). As I have shared on many occasions, those things that do not serve the greater and higher good of everyone, and that are not discarded, will only exacerbate moving forward. “If you think it was bad before...just wait!”

In conclusion, I am personally quite unsure what 2017 will bring about. I know what the numbers say, and in that information I have great faith, yet because each number has both positive and negative aspects, we must individually and collectively make a decision as to on which side of the ledger we wish to reside. It can be a year of many new beginnings. A year that holds within its bosom a wonderful opportunity to make the world a better place. This is a year that is filled with great potential for wonderful things. It holds the possibilities for many great and beneficial events taking place which could have a great and positive impact on the world and its citizens. Conversely, 2017 also holds the potential to turn onto something that future generations will look back at in horror and disbelief. The continuing rise of right-wing governments does not bode well. The move towards greater authoritarianism should frighten everyone. I caution everyone reading this to take the time to educate yourself on the facts of events. Do not just sit back and take someone's word for something...especially if it sounds too good to be true. Beware the false prophets and charlatans selling you a bill of goods that includes unrealistic goals and messianic musings of greatness and grandeur. 2017 is a year to take back your personal power. It is a year to rise up and speak up loudly and consistently about injustice, inequality, and unfairness. The underlying 1 of the 10/1 Year is about the individual. For the world, it provides the opportunity to begin anew and for the collective to be positively affected, then with that in mind it is imperative that each and every one of us do our part in making this a better world.

It is my great wish that goodness and light become the prevailing attributes and attitudes of our world. Hold the light for yourself and do whatever you can to make sure it is passed forward. Be the global citizen you wish everyone could be. Connect to your source. Connect to Mother Earth. Connect to whatever it is that gives you your strength and conviction. Do not back down from adversity. And, stand up to oppression. The chances that we miss in 2017 may not come around again for another 9 years and by that time, it could be too late.

Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro

There is an old adage that a country gets the government it deserves. Has America reaped the results of centuries of bigotry, hatred, greed, and disenfranchisement with the results of the 2016 election? Sadly, in many ways I personally believe we did. I know that many are upset yet I believe we must allow this to play out. There are huge lessons to be learned here and there are reasons that things followed the course that they did. My perspective is this:

Donald Trump is a caricature of the absolute worst of an overly narcissistic person who is the more-than-willing recipient of the adulation of an overly curious-about-others culture that reveres wealth and power more than the personal well-being of everyone involved in society. And, he is that caricature WRIT LARGE! He is the epitome of our short-attention span culture that glorifies some of the worst of our society through reality TV and other mediums. Facebook and other social media platforms have made everyone a 'celebrity' and too many are swept away by the images they seek out and the unrealistic images they believe they want to be. The profane and absurd are raised on pedestals and worshiped. It is acceptable to be rude and disrespectful because that's what people see on TV. The healthy images and role-models are lost in a shitstorm of self-serving celebrity. America showed me that it isn't ready for a change away from the old, patriarchal, white-dominated ways with which we have lived since our birth as a nation.

We had an opportunity to move in a more humane and progressive fashion. In a way that would have insured that every citizen and person living in this country would have been afforded basic things that would help them move upward in society. And, the system made sure we were not afforded that true opportunity.

We had an opportunity to move towards the matriarchal society that is coming and away from the misogyny and male-power dominated culture in which we live. And, we were fearfully and angrily driven away from it in a fashion that was all too familiar and far too out-of-date.

So, we end up with what we have.

Should we despair? Perhaps, but only temporarily. Should we be angry? Yes, if that's the way you choose to go, but make certain that anger is channeled into action and participation. Should we make certain that we stand up and be heard? Without a doubt. Raise your voice. Participate if by no other means than regularly calling your legislators' offices and letting them know when you are not happy with how they are conducting THE PEOPLE'S BUSINESS.

Personally, I believe that this whole thing may implode under its own weight of greed, chicanery, lies, and misdirection. If there is not enough LOVE to fill the void when it does implode then we are in for an extremely rough haul. Because any ensuing chaos will be driven by Hate and Fear. And we all know the type of adversaries they can be, more often than not through our own personal life experiences, personal circumstances, and lives. If one is aware of their environment, it will also be seen by observing the world around you moving throughout the year. 2017 is a year with great potential. But the course that we follow must be true and driven by love. And compassion. And consideration. And understanding. And, most important of all, an overwhelming desire to bridge the gap of differences and strive towards living together in harmony. With each other and with the planet. The 1 represents the Individual. Independence. Ideas. Initiative. All those words begin with “I”. Ask yourself: What will I do to bring about the necessary change?

I wish everyone the very best of 2017. Do your part to make it a good year. If you don't. You lose your right to complain...about anything.

Happy New Year.


© 2016 Michael John Fierro. Redistribution with permission from the author.

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