Sunday, January 1, 2017

Have A Happy New Year

Into The New Year we go
As we continue, also we grow
Exploring life every day
“Enjoy every moment” is what I say

 Where will the New Year bring you?
Now that one year is through
Only time will tell, what it'll be
I know that only you hold the key

With that key, you can unlock any door
Which will lead you, to something much more
Within you, there is the soul
It'll help you reach, any goal

Your inner strength, is your guide
It all comes, from the inside
What feels right, is the answer you know
It will being you, to where you should go

Life doesn't last forever, so enjoy it to your best
Because this body your wearing, has truly been blessed
Treat your body and soul good, and hold it dear
And be enlightened, as you have a Happy New Year
©Dec 28, 2016 Bud Lemire
                         Author Note:
Remember, you can accomplish anything you set out to
do. You have that inner soul that gives you strength and
willpower to conquer and prevail any fear. Your goals
are limitless. You'll be happy you did. And it will make
for a very Happy New Year.

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