Sunday, January 1, 2017

On Trek

The Bridge of Rainbows

The brilliant colors of the universe wrap the bridge with love
    all who pass over feel the vibrations both from those on earth
      and those above
A glorious transition has transpired,
    they are rejuvinated
      and rewired

Anyone can cross the sparkling bridge no barriers to keep one out.
    It is open for all, no pass is revoked,
      no matter what breed, creed or color of coat.
A constant flow everyday, the bridge has two not just one way.
    Respect for others is felt thruout
      No one growls or ever gets rough.
They love peace and they bring joy each little darlin', girl and boy
    Unconditional love rules,
      fear disappears,
Happiness reigns, no one loses, everyone gains .
    Tails a waggin', eyes a smilin',
      their light within is bright,
A miraculous display of unconditional love, oh what a beautiful sight. © Dec. 2016 Judith

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