Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reflections on the Day

      A number of years back I was a volunteer Firefighter and living in Duncan. I was visiting the local summer festival and noticed a woman mouth painting. She was a quadriplegic. I fondly remembered her as she resided in a local extended care facility and was an amazing Artist. Each Christmas I would dress up as Santa and with my fellow Firefighters would go to this facility, and many others, to visit with each of the residents.

      As I approached her on this hot summer July day she did not recognize me, as when we met each year, for the previous five years, I was dressed as Santa. Her work was as stunning as ever and when I leaned in for a closer look an amethyst crystal I wore around my neck came into her view. “Oh how wonderful, an amethyst crystal.” she said. She knew right away what it was. “That is my birthstone and I have always wanted one. However, I do have to watch my money and it is not on the list of ‘must haves’.”

      We continued to visit for a while.

      At every encounter with this woman, I was always moved by her tenacity and acceptance of her condition. She was truly an old soul. I was compelled to go into a local store that sold crystals and bought an amethyst crystal necklace.

      The coming Christmas the Firefighters again visited the extended care facility. As I approached, dressed as Santa, this same woman was just outside of the entrance. She did like her occasional smoke. I waved the others on saying I would follow shortly. Santa stood before her and gave her an amethyst crystal necklace. “For your purity of soul, your impeccable talent, and to let you know you are not alone.” I said to her. From the summer I bought the crystal and for many years afterward I told no one what I had done. For me to keep such a secret was very out of character for me.

      Her eyes sparkled, a small tear appeared, and a wonderful smile enveloped her face. She had no idea who Santa was or what brought about this event, nor did anyone else. One could tell that this simple inexpensive crystal was more valuable to her than the largest diamond in the world. You could see her accept the magic of the moment with awe-inspiring wonderment.

      I kept this secret for over ten years. I started sharing this a few years back not to draw attention to myself but rather to subscribe to the thought that if you let your light shine you give permission for others to share theirs. Fortunately a Care Aid was able to capture a picture of the moment.

      My holiday wish? Pay attention, live with intent, quietly. Please share this story if you are so inclined.

      Sleep well, dream deep my Friends. Humble bow, Dayvid

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